No Cable On The U.S.S. Enterprise!

Trying a new twist on my titles, like?

Anyways, I missed you all. I’ve been just borderline depressed and just kind of cranky the whole week. Alas, all done. How’s everyone doing?

So it’s no surprise to me that I woke up today without T.V., they’ve been advertising it immensely since it came. The switch to digital to analog, where the idiot box we all once enjoyed with rabbit ears (or any kind of contraption to get a signal) is not spoon fed via cable through drywall. They’ve been telling the whole city, “…hey guys, we got cable. Come on over! Digital because we’re hip.” I’m probably one of the few who would find cable pretty useless. Considering how much time you spend sitting there to watch a T.V., I think people now do more with computers than T.V. I was probably in that fleeting group who can really remembers those days with rabbit ear antennas. Those were simpler times. Saying that makes me sound old, but I’m not; I’m just saying about 10 or so years ago. The hardest part without cable is that now when I turn it on I get either static or blue screen (which is still static, but friendlier and blue!). I had a good 20 years with T.V. and hitting that power button has become almost instinctual. Pains to have a cathode ray now.

Now, big cable has given me another reason to look in the dark alleys of the Internet. I can live without T.V. with my computer connected to a 10 000+ terabyte network spanning east, west, south and north. Pretty much everything in a string of inputs in the right place and a good eye for what you’re looking for, in a cinch. Mythbusters? No problem, there’s a site for that. Sons of Guns? There’s a file for that. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations when it comes out? There’s a torrent for that. Of course, I don’t necessarily would endorse pirating. However, in desperate times. Also, I’m not distributing them or selling them. I’m just downloading and deleting after a few views. Of course it’s a grey area still of where e-pirating stands. But I follow this rule when it goes to modern day online pirating; “Do for self, not do for else”. Simply, download and view for yourself; when it comes to other, refuse to distribute or participate. Kind of passive aggressive, but I don’t really have the funds for what I want at the moment. So in common sense; don’t be stupid, stupid.

In a Christian sense; when God closes a door, He opens a window. By that ditty I mean Star Trek Online is coming free-to-play by the end of the year. A simple Google search would unravel that story, I don’t have to link it here right? I’m for one psyched. It’s been about half a decade for this day. When I break it down, it was worth it. For one big reason, bugs fixed and pretty stable at the start. Which is a plus since I’ve been in games (okay, just Fallen Earth closed beta) where you have to crash over ten times to get the tutorial done. About a year ago I managed to download the demo for a little peak. It was pretty good but the server population seemed a bit down. This Star Trek game really seals the deal with what I like overall in any game. Custom missions, episodic content, co-op instance that’s worth playing (from what the demo gave me, it seems so); it’s a small list but it would be my Christmas list for stuff I want in a video game. I don’t really care about canonical accuracy. If it’s close enough, good enough. Biggest problem with this news is that I have to break a vow. I stopped playing video games awhile back (for like the hundredth time…that was about a month ago). So now I stand on a precipice to fall back to habits or push it aside and soldier on straight and through. Not too sure which side to take just yet. It’s tough to go away from something so nurturing (video games) to the unknown (my life…what? my life is scary, trust me…). Surely in a squeeze, I’ll make the decision; hopefully, the most purposeful one.

How I’m holding out on video games? Well, blogging does help. Venting the lack of hormones is tough since you have to find something to pull you out. But this is one of the niche things I love doing. Writing poetry, my thoughts, and opinions was one of the little thing I had going for me. Life is like a random number generator for character stats, could take forever to get it perfect so get what you’re given. Well, in this case you accept it whether you like it or not. Back to topic, looking good from here. Well it’s kind of rained out today, but not going to let me down. Going to read other blogs, comment, read more and maybe watch the CBC straight off their website. Honestly, I miss T.V.

Goodbye T.V.,

Educator. Entertainer.

A memory for me,

Farewell from a humbled viewer.