Finally…no more end game content…or is it?

Ever since Cryptic announced the release date to be November 13th (tomorrow). I’ve been grinding; not much and not hard either. About a few Elite STF’s per day considering what I saw on the Tribble server, I thought it was a good idea to get all my gear now while I still can.

Getting the final pieces of the Omega and MACO space sets was a bit easier than I expected. I managed to receive each piece once every 5 completed rounds with about 30 games played. Even with the distraction of a new Tuffli freighter in my arsenal (…make that two, I just bought one as I was typing this), I still finished it off with the Cure STF to get the engine bit of the 3 piece. I started with trying to get the MACO set since it was a good set to have on any ship and most of my ships need some shielding. That project finished within a week or so, I thought “hey, that was easy…” then moved on to the Omega just last week. There were people who “apparently” who took forever to get them, I still don’t understand how that is possible. Sure, at times I thought I won’t get them all but I kept chugging along and helping my team. Wait…are these people whining because they rode on their team to get their piece? Sounds like another rant for another time. Back to topic. Now, I’m done. Star Trek Online end game experience done! I have every piece of end game gear and the ship to prove it. A new season dawns, so that neck out of water will be very short lived. New Romulus awaits to be explored and new things to experience.

I’ve tried it out on Tribble with very small progress. First off people are excited about the gated content. I’m pretty borderline fed up with more gated content especially gating the Borg STF gear. Good thing, I’m already finished with that. No less, I’m going to enjoy finding that Borg queen in Into The Hive. Hopefully at least that would occupy a minimum of one hour so at least I can say “one episode of Star Trek”. As you may have seen in Season 6, not much content in terms of story progression. As for Season 7, they’re going with the whole “extra content” for us rather than actual attempt to entertain and make a story. At least the new social area of New Romulus will have a large space to enjoy grinding missions like hunting, collecting and pressing of many buttons. At least the ground area is large enough to feel like you’re exploring. Oh I almost forgot, the salt zombies! The supposed horde/zombie survival thing. Can’t wait, after gathering a lot of reputation points to get to a certain level to do the salt zombies. Until that happens, a lot of New Romulus roaming about and grinding the reputation system.

Boy, we’re going to really enjoy ourselves for a next week or so.


One more to mothball, one well tested farmer, one in progress

Today marks the day where I finally conclude putting my Tactical Escort Retrofit through everything and making the final modifications before I set it and forget it. After testing it against every Sector space event I can farm, here’s a few things I learned. For those just getting in or you forgot, here’s the post. In short:

  • She’s fast and agile (3 Mk XI Rare RCS Accelerators + Deuterium Surplus + Evasive Maneuvers skill)
  • An antiproton beast (4 Mk XII Borg Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons + 3 Antiproton Turrets + ~50% Damage Bonus from Mag Regulators)
  • She can cloak (Increases damage for 5 seconds right after cloaking)

I’ve set my bridge officers to play up the cannons with Scatter Volley and Rapid Fire abilities. Which in quick burst, I have the ability to take down Klingon Bird Of Prey in Sirius Sector Block in about 2 seconds. With two Tactical Team skills, I can alternate between both to help transfer shields and provide a small damage increase. So far gathering random batteries and lower tier consoles for some energy credits.

But straight into dilithium farming, my dilithium farm run everywhere is very easy. About under an hour to complete the Deferi dailies. The Breen seems to be somewhat resistant but I can rush a cruiser and down it. With those frigates, the tractor beams are harsh. Likely I do have abilities to recover shields, however just taking the beams is sometimes annoying since they sometimes fire each beam one at a time. Luckily those turrets slowly peck them down; but with just the turrets, it’s a long process so I’ve been working on my long game to make hit and runs on the frigates.

The almighty Borg, they’re big and square. In Red Alert, this tiny ship is a damage dealer. Going slow, it can drop the Spheres. Though after taking it down, the rest of them will come down hard. In a group, it doesn’t have enough kick to bring much aggro but enough damage to really slam that health bar down. Cubes and the Unimatrix ships are pretty difficult in terms of solo, even solo compared to my Odyssey it does more in terms of dropping shields and health. Though for defense, it would bb the big ship that would prevail. Of course, it’s an escort…not a dreadnought.

Cardassians; AKA the True Way, AKA the Jem’Hadar. Both factions are pretty easy in terms of the Satellite Repair, refueling station defense and cargo ship escort dailies are fairly weak. I can do satellite under 10 minutes, 6 for escort. Refueling station may require a few evasives to get into position to take down the groups. In the end, you fight the commander; ignoring the fighters and photonics, the ship may need a tractor beam and a massive spam of abilities to increase damage. In the end, the whole is fairly manageable and preferably speedy is the way to go for your batteries. It doesn’t take an hour or so to get a large amount of them or at least some change to buy them.

Romulans are annoying; straight up, flat out annoying. Just because they would launch torpedoes, not like all species do it just something about Romulans and shooting torpedoes at an itty bitty ship. Anyways aside from the pummelling I got for every warbird, it’s a bit more work into getting stuff out. Ironic coming from an NPC that’s about 20 levels below (or was it 40?).

Hirogen like the Breen are easy to handle in a Tactical Escort Retrofit. With about the same abilities minus the tractor beam, but with a twist. The frigates were almost as manoeuvrable as my ship. Still easy to take them on even if I was in my Long Range Reconnaissance Retrofit or even the Refit with the Mk XI Borg STF gear and weapons. Not much to say about the Hirogen, they’re easy prey (Haha!).

Lastly the daily two fleet actions and the Mirror Universe event. The Mirror Universe event in terms on a ship on ship is quite difficult. However in a team, taking how large targets or even stomping on the frigates as the larger ships take on the cruisers. My ships comes in universally for the team, but the solo portion is a nil since it would be an 8 on 1 (well 8+fighters). Gorn Minefield’s pretty much perfect for this ship. You fly to your daily stuff cloaked, get under an asteroid and scan. Then as you scan you decloak and just get ready to get out of there as fast as you can; rinse and repeat then finish the mission. You would have to cloak to dodge the patrols. When you get to the minefield, you are done. In this tiny ship, obliteration is the only thing I experienced. Best to avoid it and deal with the ships and assist with getting rid of mines running after other ships. Lastly the Klingon Scout Force daily, you already got my two cents on the Klingons. Breaking it down to five parts; part one is the Bird Of Prey beat down. Simple answer, Scatter Volley with Tac then Rapid Fire with next Tac. Next part is the cruisers, this is an all team effort. Then the asteroid platforms, Rapid Fire and Tac Team. Battleships, Stick with the team and throw Scatter Volley as much as possible. Dreadnoughts and carriers, just stack back and focus on one target and back away when only to recover. The daily goal is like Gorn Minefield, go out and click on certain things around the map. 

For now, I have my favourite. I have to continually upgrade it to be more beastly. When I opened up my ship screen, it got me interested in spending some credits on some better consoles. So I decide to run about on the exchange for some new stuff. Looking for very rare gear at the Mk XII tier is a difficult task, either insufficient funds or supply. So I just started looking for rare items, rare as in hard to get not as game set quality. So I found a Mirror Universe Sovereign class ship up for 150, 000 credits with a closest at 300, 000. This is no regular ship, it’s one of those ships you get from the Tholian Lockbox. With the price of Master Keys, a new ship isn’t so bad for that price. I bought it and opened it, the first concern was “if I open it, would I have it permanently?” So made a Google search and still unsure if it is bound to my account if I delete. So now officially, all my ship slots are full. I need to buy ship slots which is a huge bummer. I don’t really need a shuttlecraft from the DS9 Bundle. That’s when I got the idea I should decommission the U.S.S. Pytheas, the Delta class I bought first in the Star Trek Online. Even with unloading everything on the shuttle to the Verdun (my new Sovereign ship), I’m still short on weapons and consoles. I already have something planned for it, going for the traditional phaser beam array and photon torpedo combo; maybe set up quantum torpedoes to be more “modern”. The Pytheas is a small ship that got me the Mk XII Reman Set when it was real. Now it’s on the Verdun. Snap, totally forgot; the set has a bonus on plasma stuff. Well there goes the traditional stuff, all plasma! Stilll, lots of grinding to do and many STFs to run. So now, the Pytheas is slowly being taken down bit by bit, then I’m going to discharge it. As an advantage of a credit/Zen ship, you can always get it back. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same effect as buying the weapons packs or the EV suits that were added about few weeks ago.

With the low prices on credits, let’s see how much I can take advantage before the price goes passed 200. Last time I checked, 162. Tick tock…

A old mod anew

Certainly we remember those glorious days of our youth when those tedious trivials would be a landmark achievement. The first frag, first kill streaks, first time video games became an oasis of reality. She a digital mistress I still have not yet quelled, but her hold is something to be enchanted. She could make you see things in a new light even if you wanted something so, she would tempt you with this tool. For you, it would be a yearning for the next kill, next accolade, next opportunity to say “I am the best!” For me; its a mix of three things I think it is worth playing for; co-op, FPS, sci-fi. When done right, she’s got me like fanboy toy. Sure, Star Trek Online has me on my feet playing hours on end. It just more instances and dungeon runs in the Trek universe. I like the talk and playability, but it’s missing the action since most of the time it’s a stand and shoot routine like Counter Strike. Co-op is lacking in STO. Four man dungeon runs, your choice to either run it in space or ground. Biggest pitfall is that attraction but turned down by lack of action and repetitive content. Granted replay value is well endowed, but after hours on end you say “that’s it?”

Sure I can save face and accept this to be my level cap. But, I want a thrill that intimidates the most veteran player. Story driven, but action packed either with puzzles or zapping dudes. Awhile in the mid decade, I wanted something tailored to me. Star Trek meets video games. The catalyst for the Star Trek game I want started with the fascination of Star Trek Enterprise. Back in ’06/’07, I found my interest into a little Half Life 2 mod-to-be. At the time it was called “Enterprise: Temporal Cold War”, the premise was a nice set up to extend what the show’s writers would’ve wanted (probably). The voice acting was a start when I started to follow along, but it was insanely close. Who knew someone could do an impressive Scott Bakula? Unfortunately things turned ugly fast. People have obligations, but it was an addiction I wanted to feed. As their team broke apart to pursue bigger things, my heart sank as they released the source files for everything they made. It was the first time I had my video game heartache, video games never felt right; jumping around to play something that quenched the craving. Even though slated as a single player modification, TCW was something to almost to the precursor to STO (unofficial, of course.)

Fast forward to present day. I have what I wanted, though the bounty isn’t what I would really want, close enough is good enough. While looking around the internet, I would take a chance at peeking at games and mods in progress thanks to Moddb. Inputting the words star, gate, and trek. And look what spewed out under the guise of a CryEngine 3 game, Star Trek Enterprise: MACO. Under a different name, but it looks like they’re coming back together. Alas, I may get what I wish in a couple more years. For now, it seems like they are are porting their content. Give it time to hit that frontier, then watch progress roll through; if not, dilligently check back for updates. I for once am excited and renewed at a possibility of a Trek game done right; not close, but dead on.

Hopefully it will turn out for the best. This time, they have me checking in for those updates. Who knows, I might volunteer (depends who they need.)

Moddb Page:

[Note, they say it is a Crysis 2 mod but the plastered the CryEngine 3 decals. Not quite sure if they’re working in the SDK (source development kit) or an editor derivative of Crysis 2.]

Intel Inbound–Sneak Peek 2012

No doubt some of you see I’ve added a few new things. Well, it’s one of many so far, the one category dedicated to my old “Guild Philosophy” post. I’m pretty proud of myself on that one since it’s still the longest standing post I have so far (I think it was about 2000 words or something, well…maybe 1200.) Aside from that, I’ve added a new “Fun Fest Friday” page for you folks who want to play some games with me. First one will be a post up shortly on there for your convenience, probably should add a schedule there too as well. I’ll try and figure out a date before Wednesday so I can sync up with the F2P launch of Star Trek Online. Remember Friday, we’re taking it back (from Rebecca Black, she ruined Fridays).

For 2012, a little something new in terms of content. I think I’ll start doing some reviews on some programs and online apps for those interested in looking for something free or recommended. That and I have a Playbook now. Oh, small easter egg; last two posts were on my Playbook. So I might give you one hardware review on that. I might take each month and do one review at a time. Rather than last year where I had just a few reviews. They will be something close to cloud computing and such. Also since I’m now hooked on TED Talks, I’ll be linking some of those I like to you and a rundown on each talk for those who don’t have less than 30 minutes. Or your bandwidth is just not going to help stream it, either case I’ll let you know what it is about.

Along with the content, I’m starting a small writing project for you awesome people. I’m going to start a small glossary of terms considering some people don’t understand certain gamer slang. True, I struggle from that too. But it’s best we lay them down the line for all those who need more information. A helping hand, not below the belt. A new blog will pop up too as Star Trek Online comes online. Look forward to that, I’ll be linking that blog in my “About Me” page once I have it up. It will be a RPG blog about my character. For those wanting to play on a Friday basis only; if possible, I’ll make a second characters so I don’t seem too overpowering.

Rants, raves, reviews; those are the three R’s for this year on this blog. Besides from the usual off days where I’ll just write about life. You know? Life. That thing where your meat is animated and moving and thus how you can understand what the heck I’m writing here. Yeah, that life.  The first couple posts may seemed a bit rush and that’s only because I’m working on the new content for you guys. If you have any suggestions or comments for what I should do for the new year, you guys know where to find me.

Stay tuned!

Boots on the ground, eyes out…

If you read my last entry, you wouldn’t find it a surprise. Though I will likely drone on about this topic a few times before I stop. I’m just so excited after a few days settling into Battlelog and setting up my account to play co-op and (after co-op) multiplayer. But lets go back around Friday and start our story there.

After much deliberation, I decided on getting my sister a present. Because of how things have been going for her, it would be a small feat in the whole picture. “What to get her?” I thought. A few red flags popped into my mind considering I’m not too sure about her likes and dislikes. Likely a gift card would be pretty lame. A CD or DVD would be hard to find since I’m not too sure what she would want, same for soap or some hygiene product (I feel awkward walking into a Body Shop or Lush, also it would make me the only dude there which would make it even uncomfortable). So out of options I just began looking around at game stores downtown. First the usual electronic haunts, then I realized she never really owned a video game before. So with that in mind, I wanted to give her something that may interest her. I know she’s pretty fond of FPS games, which saved me tons of time. Long story short, wait for Modern Warfare 3 or get Battlefield 3? So I began looking around and seeing what I would want and what she would want. Of course, there was bias to this decision since I really wanted a Battlefield game than a Call Of Duty game (I can always wait for Call Of Duty, never really had nice freebies anyways…except if you pay over $100 for the Prestige Edition). So BF3 it was; no surprisingly, I went back to Best Buy for their last two copies. Out of stock, really? First my Touchpad and now this? Future Shop the. I looked at the monstrous game shelf by the latest software of 2011/2012, not sure if they’re out of stock or they don’t have it. By now, I’m desperate so I went to EB Games at Eatons. Guess what? Yeah, out of stock. My outlook on this hunt was grim. Luckily the guy knew there was a Gamestop across the street. Yes, a promising lead. For being Yonge Street, it’s got a nice streak of having this game out of stock; bring it to a total of 4 shops with not a single copy in sight. Called a buddy up for suggestions; “…did you try Game Shack?”, “Game Shack?”. He instructed me it was located in the Bay Atrium. How did I not remember this place?! I always pass by it and never really noticed it. Walked in and stood in line while 3 people check out on some movies and some Wii(k…get it, Wii-k?) games. Luckily that insanity of a console wasn’t in everyone’s mind, guy in front of me had a PS3 game released awhile ago; bless his heart. So as almost like an urgent little kid waiting in line at a candy store, “You guys have BF3?!” Oh so calmly, “Limited Edition or BF3?”. I was hysterical since they had both. Quest complete! Bought two copies and got the hell out of there. I went home pretty happy, though it was late. I waited for the right time to really give a copy to my sister. Saturday, lets wait Sunday; until then, lets run the game for the first time…Campaign…Hard difficulty. I did it in 10 hours, according to Origin. Sunday morning, I realized a flaw in my plan. Modern Warfare is out on Tuesday. Damnit, I have to make it an early birthday present just in case my sister plans on getting Modern Warfare by mistake! Called her up to hang out and as we left her place, I whipped it out like a BAMF and said “Happy Birthday!” Her smile was good enough for me.

So now Tuesdays, I’ve been persuading her to get her computer back so she can play. I did promise her that I would play co-op with her only if she finishes the singeplayer at least once (on hard mode, if she wanted. She insisted easy, I am disappoint.) So now I’m just persuading her to get it back so she can get all her Limited Edition perks before it’s too late. For those who don’t know beside the Act Of Valor promo dog tags; you get 2 variants of the M1911 pistol (suppressed and tac light) and 2 Mass Effect dogtags. Not a bad deal, I would’ve went with the preorder. But I think the M249 is satisfactory for me, though I wish they added the P226 pistol in there as well. So what now, Eric? Well, we wait. We all have to wait. Well you can wait until the next blog while I go play singleplayer again for the shear fun. Also made a challenge to do the whole thing without dying. Hard even on easy but it’s possible.

Once I run through co-op with my sibling once, then all you can have a piece of in the multiplayer. Yup, call out all the BF3 players reading this. Lets play some BF3 sometime…in 2 weeks or so. Also, I’ve set a new email address for anyone who wishes to contact me. I don’t like people using my personal address so I’m sending you guys to a specially made one; not because I don’t like you, I like you in a platonic way. And on this momentous occasion, lets be friends and play online sometime in Battlefield.

You guys can contact me here. Just leave you nickname in the space. If you don’t have a email client, just go to with the subject headline “Re:Boots on the ground, eyes out…” I’ll add you guys when I get a chance to. Probably see me on and off online until my sister starts playing; after that, we can go murdering some people on Operation Metro or something. If you are super mega lazy or doesn’t care who adds you, post in the comments.

Also if you got feedback or want to send me ideas or opinions to talk about, feel free to do so at that email address.

Going back to my campaign carnage, until next time!

Update: OH SH*T I have a present from Steam? ❤

Revisiting Global Agenda – New Zones and Such

This literally came just last night or so. The new update to Global Agenda, expanding on their “open zone” PvE has just got (slightly). I managed to download it and play it for about a couple hours last night. For those who are not familiar to the game, it’s an RPG sci-fi shooter set in the future where cybernetic humans have become a reality. From what I gather, some people don’t like that so much and then there’s a war waged against those who oppose (…or something like that). You play as an agent who is rebelling against the man and…well, you get cool looking weapons and items to toy with which will come in handy.

New zone’s set in North Sonora (I think I spelled it correctly, super lazy to check), where the Recursive colonies (robots…lots of robots) are looming ever closer to Dome City (aka safe zone, where you do most of your crafting and selling/buying of stuff). The new expansion takes the lessons from the first zone (“Sonora Desert”) and adds repeatable instances, much more difficult mobs to down (some you will need a group of people to do) and of course….new quests (both story based and repeatables).

From the start, it’s slightly difficult on where to go to receive the new quests or even where to go to really check out the zone (pro tip: talk to the guy you first meet at the end of the tutorial). But after some wandering, I figured out where to go and how to do it. At first sight, you are introduced to a lush and dry environment. the immediate area swarming with bots and allies holding off endless waves of intruders threatening the safe harbour. Just beyond the mouth of the canyon, you can barely make out distance structures of satellite disks and watch towers.

To not give everything away, here’s a list I’ve made of things you will see or able to do in this new playground:

  1. Teleporter network (awesome if you want to go somewhere quickly)
  2. Larger mob concentration (in certain areas)
  3. Team based area for your team based activities (cookies can be found at the intersection, wink wink)
  4. New PvE mission variety (Defence missions and the usual raids)
  5. Lots of people wanting to group up (for the social types)

I’ve managed to complete the story within a day. But I have to say, the terrain makes the map seem larger than it is. Filled with ruins and mounds, without that map button I would be lost most of the time. Though currently somewhat buggy and annoying (i.e. you die and respawn in the middle of nowhere.), I have to hand it to Hi-Rez to deliver on progress. At level 26, doing all the story missions will provide you enough experience for 3 and a half levels. Overall, still repetitive since it’s either you’re raiding or defending some instance. Though I do see progress in more escort/extraction missions, I feel certain areas of the map are just quest places and nothing more. As a player, I’m never going back there but I would like missions which take you everywhere. As for everything else, not much added except for North Sonora. Oh wait, I did find terrain continuity errors. If you looks at the north gate in Dome City, you can see another dome and open terrain. When you load into that area, that dome is 3km away and the first thing you notice is that you’re in a middle of a canyon which disrupts the view from that oh so distant dome. Though it doesn’t ruffle my feathers about that terrain problem.

So what do you guys think of the new Recursion update?

I’m chargin’ my writin’!!!

I’m stoked. After a few days brainstorming and drafting, it’s done. I’ve made my longest post and it’ll be published later today. I hope it would be informative to gamer and would be widely distributed and used. If there was a blog post to learn from this one will be it. It’s about 3000 words long and provides the concise knowledge from my mind.

Chasing long and deep thoughts haunting me, I finally written this very post. The inspiration was from the guilds I’ve joined and left and the ones I made and disbanded. Considering this a dedication to those who always wanted the perfect guild in their game and can never have unless they do it for themselves.

This is for you.

In other news, I’m starting a Star Trek Online fleet. It’s in pre-planning right now, but I’ve gotten most of the stuff down. As the release date comes closer, I’ll inform you awesome people. There’s going to be a blog specifically for the fleet and an application. I’m working on the details for certain things. Definitely going to be an organized group of people playing missions and events together. I’m going to try and maintain it the most part until more and more people join.

Check back frequently for the blog website address, description, name, and voice server address.