Working on it!

At the moment, I’m drifting away from recording video for YouTube because of the long down time for each video, but I am working on outputting more videos. For the moment, I’m thinking of moving on from my Banished gameplay for a little while. At the moment, I haven’t made much progress and I think I should wait awhile before I feel like I’m in the right mind to play it again. So for the time being, I’m considering of playing something else to keep my channel interesting. At the moment, I’m looking into playing games I already own or games which are freely accessible and may be fascinating to play and watch. I’m working on it; don’t you fret, audience.

At the moment, I have fallen off the proverbial horse and haven’t been keeping myself as well as I’m suppose to be. For the most part, I’ve been staying up to play video games which leads me to sleep in during the day. Both aren’t good things nor bad, only means my schedule is thrown off and I need to get back on schedule. For my old followers, you know I meander from my course from time to time to always return to it. I’ve been working on sorting out my personal issues and focusing on resolving this drought of employment. So I’ve been spending more and more time trying to get myself out together to find something to work towards. At the moment priority is source of income, then comes everything else I want to do. I might consider volunteering again like last year, though I want to work on getting paid employment going.

As for my YouTube channel, I’m not quite sure what to play to divert from Banished. I could get into Kerbal Space Program, Insurgency co-op or something else I have in my library. If you would like to see me play a game, leave a comment telling any games you would want to see me play. Preferably free or I own already. Or even send it to me on Steam at Shooter-90, I’d appreciate it! Likely do KSP in sandbox, though I might do Career mode as well,

Nothing interesting for this week’s entry, I’m just working on real life stuff and being “busy”. Just another dull week at “the office” (AKA my room).

Until next time, keep busy everyone!


How everything would be like as video games

Everyone has those ideas; for my daydreaming gamers, you know what I’m talking about and I’m not talking about 100-0 kill ratio. We all have that dream where we all wanted to live a life as a movie star, action hero and perhaps if you’re reading this, every video game we ever played. Realistically, it’s not going to be like that but as my third grade teacher once said “I can dream.” So lets give it a shot from my perspective, how would my dream life would be like if it was a video game!

Ideally, I think my ordinary life should be like The Sims. I can be self-employed and alone in a shack on the outskirts of town. Over a entire lifetime, I would be a successful writer sitting around watching TV and not paying any bills. As time goes on, I want to be hitting up all the social places and meeting new people; even though they’re like great grandchildren of the townspeople who once walked the Earth with me. I would never age a day because of a magical potion bestowed upon me. In the end, I would have all the money I could every want and I would just be writing really bad novels which later become best sellers. Perhaps when I get bored I can try and level cap all the jobs in my town so I could have “been there” and “done that”.

My interaction with the world in my opinion should be more like Grand Theft Auto. Seriously, probably would be amazing considering I wouldn’t need a license for a car or a firearm. I would be going on weird messed up adventures with some loopy friends and own houses for nothing. If I ever go anywhere, I can always I can always swipe a car off of someone. Also I don’t have to really eat since I can sleep for 6 hours to regenerate health and never sleep so I can enjoy living all hours of the day. If I ever needed to let out some steam I can drive on the sidewalk, against traffic and just randomly cause trouble. Don’t tell me you never pushed people onto an oncoming train in GTA IV? I may or may not have done it a few times to avoid using my own money for the train, I cannot confirm nor deny it. Also everything is wicked cheap; a burger is a dollar in GTA Land, I would pig out until I’m Wasted and lose a little to no money from a hospital visit. I’m mostly in it for making money and doing what I feel like doing because I would be carefree.

Of course I’m not all selfish, what about the world? What game would the world be like? It’s a tough one from my point of view. I want the world to be a paradise where poverty and violence is non-existent. It would have its flaws but it would be still be a wonderful world we can live on. The only one game I an think of is Star Trek Online and its universe. So expect a third world war and genetically enhanced experiments unleashed to the world. But in the end, we have a utopia where we an travel to other worlds and waging interstellar wars where conflicts don’t really end but new problems come up that unite 3 of the dominant organizations. Upside, don’t have to worry about money since you can get it anywhere and work is plentiful.

Realistically, I would want the world to be more of a co-op game. United under a common goal and we work together to get things done then bashing each other around. I do think we would go places if we all played life like a co-op game. Like if it was a zombie survival game and we all had to just survive the apocalypse together rather than pitting against one another. The more I think about, why are most sandbox zombie games recently force players to fight each other? I really do think there are a lot of good people out there. Misguided perhaps, but there’s a lot of good people wanting the world to be a better place. Even if it means having a cataclysm to bring us all together to do some good. I’m hoping for a world like Minecraft or Starbound but better graphics and complex game mechanics. It’s a fun place to be and you can just work together. Ideally it’s a world where the only rules are the ones you set for yourself…and also what’s limited to the mechanics of the universe…also no killing, definitely no murdering.

I would like to someday live in that kind of world. A place where living is like a video game, preferably not a MMO because I’m always alone in MMO’s and it becomes a grind which follows a very loose story. Until that day comes and next time, leave it to your imagination and play life like you live in a game.