Hurricane? What hurricane?

Just one more think I love about living in Toronto; especially in the downtown-ish area. When people on Facebook and all over the Internet start freaking out about a massive storm. Caring is pretty much halfway down the list. See it from my point of view; I don’t know much of meteorology. I do know a bit but that’s knowledge from grade school about over a decade. I learned that hurricanes usually form around the equator and over a body of water. Cold air plus warm air gets you wind and that’s pretty much the basis of a hurricane; from what I remember anyways. Toronto isn’t close to the belt region of the Earth and if the Earth is like me, I rather stay away from the belt region. So by the time all the fast wind and rain that can flood reaches home; it’s usually gusty, cold and wet. Well maybe a lot of cloudy days so this week may turn out to be dreary and damp, but it’s all good. With all the technology, I can stay at home and play Star Trek Online or Planetside 2; maybe work on my Minecraft world and watch a jungle burn.

I’ve already started playing one of the three. Not really started, more like hitting a button then just hanging around since I’m at level cap. Planetside 2 Beta would be wiped after it’s released, so not much incentive to just play beside the massive battles. Minecraft, well Minecraft is Minecraft. I’ve done a lot in there since I began my little world, I’ve built about 10 buildings and half a dozen bridges so Sandy can help me build a village, deforest an entire biome or just stockpile for trek into the Nether. Anyways, I got time and time is all I have.

Of course, I still have most of The Red Green Show so I can definitely survive on until the power goes out if the rain and wind does get worse. “What if the power goes out and you have no lights and no Internet, Eric?” Well concerned-like person, what are you so worried about me? If you’re south of me, you should really worry; especially those place that can get blown over. But since you’re asking, I got books. A few good books, a board game and some pens and paper for drawing and writing. I’m set, food is putt aside for a week so I’m good for a week…okay, maybe two…if it was a zombie apocalypse, maybe a good month with rationing. I’m not crazy, just lazy to do a lot of grocery runs. But yeah, I got entertainment for a week long of rain.

Well, that’s all for now…oh, forgot; I downloaded Taylor Swift’s new album, got to listen to it now I guess.