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Filling up.

It’s been somewhat eventful, somewhat being tiring and I’ve been trying to push myself through the paces. I’ve pushed out all the photos from the accounts I have on Facebook and Google to 500px, still haven’t updated my banner here so that’s my bad. However I’ve been trying to be more out and about snapping photos since now I have 20 photos allocated a week. Trying to not be a competition but I’ve been uploading about a 10 a week so far.

Since the 17th, I haven’t uploaded any videos to YouTube. I love to play Tropico but I think the there isn’t much encouragement. However I would like to pull off a Prison Architect and just try everything until I’m ready to move on. Meanwhile Star Trek Online is having an event so I’m trying to farm stuff from the events. A new ship and new item set; with sleeping in and work, this is mentally exhausting me at an incredible rate.

Hopefully this week will be something worth looking forward to do more than I did this past week. I really need to balance my life a bit more if I ever will have the chance to get where I want to be in my life.


Easy September

The past week has been filled with some ongoing things happening. Aside from the sleep and the much relaxation, I’ve been trying to get back into recording more Stardew Valley on my channel. I’ve recently upgraded my 8 year old PC. Nothing too in depth, installed a new GeForce 950 GTX to replace the 430 I had and a 2 TB hard drive. After a week running the new GPU through her paces, I’m starting to think my entire PC is under powered for the new GPU. Power is running great but I think the CPU might be having a tough time catching up with processing some games. I don’t know exactly is the problem, let me know in the comments what you think stuttering and “lag” might be. The new hard drive is working fine, I’ve managed to transfer my game files from Steam to the new drive without hiccups. All save files are functional thankfully so I don’t have to restart a new Stardew playthrough.

The original intent was to buy a new PC, but an old buddy of mine convinced me to upgrade the GPU and save the $600 of new PC parts. But the cheap guy I am, I decided to upgrade this PC; hopefully one last time. When I started up Insurgency to play, I had a few problems with servers that were located out west. Then I realized I was lagging from local servers too. Of course I had to pull off something stupid to expend the $600 I saved. Luckily at the time, a local airsoft store had a P90 in stock. I’ve been looking into buying a P90 since I started playing airsoft and now here it is with only an hour ride out and a few days of waiting for the shop to open. Of course the day came and I bought it under budget, still pricey for a airsoft replica. Nonetheless, it was less than 600 with a spare magazine. Along with the Cyclone impact BB grenade and spring shotgun, I have a few things to try out. Of course I’m giving my pistol another go even though I’m shearing the feeding lips every time I’m using it. If I get a chance at the end of the month to play, I’ll definitely give it a go.

Other than that, happy with my new purchases for fall. Maybe enjoy it as much as I can until I can find something to complain about or something to talk about.

Can This Be A Thing?

I personally own a wireless mouse because the trackpad on my laptop feels uncomfortable (also the mouse was given to me awhile back and I finally have a use for it). Though it does provide more fluid movies on a 15 inch screen, there is a flaw I dislike about wireless products. This being the fact I need to recharge the batteries. I must admit, I use my mouse frequently so I usually recharge the batteries once a week. However as routine sets in, sometimes the mouse won’t last through the entire week and I would have to recharge them more frequently. I have considered a wired option for my laptop but wires would hinder the time I would need to set up my mouse and usually the cable is long and can get tangled. From my point of view having two variants of the same product is kind of out of the way for mobile technology, so why not have both?

I would like to see a wireless mouse designed to be more flexible whether it would be for desktop or laptop. Built primarily as a wireless mouse, it will be small with the ability to use a USB interface just like a traditional wired mouse. I don’t have anything designed; but it would be an interesting concept to pursue. For starters the device would need a transmitter and receiver like a normal wireless device. Second would be it’s ability to be wired as well. I think the USB cable should be able to plug into the mouse and the desktop without a need for a second port. Perhaps the dongle receiver would have a USB port onto itself to relay power and data to the mouse. Now comes the tricky part, I’ve read about USB hardware and someplace has said some devices now won’t allow certain devices to charge through a USB power. I am quite unsure if this is on the computer end or the peripheral end but it would be an extraordinary feature if the mouse can act as a universal charge for the batteries it’s using. So it can draw power from a power source without the need of replacing the batteries and the charging process won’t damage the batteries. With these 3 features, I think the wireless mouse would be great improved in terms of it’s versatility and minimize the need of buying additional peripherals for a computer platform. It doesn’t even have to end at mice, a keyboard which can be wireless and wired with the capability of recharging it’s own batteries would be an interesting step in allowing these peripherals to interface more easily on laptops and desktops.

Has anyone really thought about this besides me? If it was cheap, I wouldn’t mind have a wireless mouse like that. Any hardware designers out there, I offer you that challenge if there is no product out there like it build a wireless mouse which can:

  1. Be wired and wireless.
  2. Able to switch between devices through it’s own means. As in if I have my receiver on my laptop and I have the USB cable plugged into my desktop, I have the function to switch between wired and wireless modes without a need of a KVM switch.
  3. Able to recharge its own batteries. You cannot design the battery and the batteries are from large battery manufacturers which can be easily replaced. As in if I have Energizer brand rechargeable batteries, I should be able to use and recharge them through the mouse. If I chose to use Duracell brand of rechargeable batteries, then I would able to change them out and the Duracell batteries should be able to recharge.
  4. Optionally be able able to hold it charge for a longer period of time. A month at the most before charge. Though I would like to see a mouse that can be as power efficient as possible.

Until next time I leave this to you, geniuses of the world. It’s up to you to make what we have now and make them better.

CNET: My new TV/Radio/Nerd-Porn (And some tech talk)

My previous post, I mentioned The 404 podcast from Well after a full day of just surfing around one website (almost non stop…I had to pee), I think I found the website I really like and really worth coming back to time and time again. I’ve known CNET for about 8 years, just been using their sister site for my freeware and stuff. So this is a pretty big deal to me considering all this time I found it pretty bored to suddenly find it interesting. From how-to’s and reviews to get my geek on, I found it something I found interesting out of my habitual habits of online browsing.

So kind of my goal for the next month or so is to watch or listen every episode of The 404 until the very recent ones. As of now I’m up to about episode 60 of almost 900 episodes. It’s a long ladder to climb, but I think I wouldn’t regret it. Sure it’s very boring after awhile but it’s great to hear opinions about shows, games and tech I own.

Which reminds me to find a copy of Linux. I’m looking in replacing Windows XP after all reliable support for it is over. It’s a brand new territory to explore and maybe need. I might want to jump the USS Microsoft and hop onto the penguin boat. I’m not too sure which distribution I would really have on board as a back up. I’m not really to go all in just yet, I just want an image in case I need it or just play around with it. I would like something user friendly but also technical in case I need to change certain specific settings. Something that can run Windows programs and lots of accessible customizable settings to personalize. Small but loaded with stuff (no random software, just the operating system). Any recommendations, please drop a comment, give me your take on it and a link to to their website so I can read more.

I might try and get Windows 7 once it drops off to around the under $80. I still have about 3 years (April 2014) until support ends, so I have awhile but I should prepare to put it aside and upgrade. I would have my own operating system, but I don’t have the skill or attention span to really study and implement code to make an operating system. So it’s a major thing I should really get started on besides getting a job. I still need that and I’m talking about a real job either around computers or anything out of the public eye. I have a thing for magazine and I think I would be pretty good, but I think I would want to do something else but write articles. But that’s another time, another place.

Right now, I use my external hard drive for backing up data I need to keep for convenience and security reasons. And it only consumes about 5% of the whole drive, so I’m pretty much stuck with over 70 GB of space and I need ideas or programs or stuff I can do to add to it. I got some of my shows shaved there, I’ve used it as a temp cache for video editing. The video editing is insane since it takes up the whole drive for about 30 minutes of footage (using Fraps). Besides raw HD .avi  videos and back up storage, I have nothing else set for this thing. If there was a offline/LAN/MMO zombie co-op or something, I would definitely would save it there. However, that’s not going to happen or ever going to happen (you have a lifetime to disprove that). Oh, I forgot to fully mention what I have as that external hard drive, here’s some info:

-Maxtor DiamondMax IDE 85GB (off warranty and salvaged)

-Eagle IDE to USB 2.0 3.5 External Storage System (got it from Canada Computers)

-HP 1.8m USB cable, type A to B with gold plated connectors (the one Eagle had was pretty short so I kind of upgraded)

I know the IDE’s are going out. I didn’t really have much of an option (accidently threw away the receipt, I’m an idiot). So once this drive blows, I’m going to just have a case. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find another IDE; if I had found a SATA drive, I would internally install it into my system (…maybe). Though I would like an external in case I want to carry a hard drive to transfer stuff to another computer that’s over 7GB. So I hope my 22 bucks would be worth it in the long run.

Until next week reader, have a nice week!

Really Bad Computer Jokes And What’s New To Me

It’s an early morning and I think I would tickle that funny bone. I’m more of a stand up than just a one-liner, but these I thought up were pretty good. So I think I should share them with you guys.

What did the file say to the hard drive?

Don’t depile me, bro!

What do you call a hard drive in a cubicle?


What do you call a SATA drive upside down?


What do you call a 40GB hard drive nowadays?

A doorstop.

What did Microsoft Office say when you install it?

“Looks like you’re installing Microsoft Office. Do you need help with that?”

A user walks into a bar and looks at the sandwich menu. He’s dissatisfied and calls the barkeep. He asks as he points to a sandwich, “how many bites would this take?” The barkeep replied, “For you, 32 768 000 000.”

What game does a blogger play with his blog?


What subject you call a pirate pirating a pirate documentary about pirating in the 1600’s?


I tried. You were warned.

Anyways, I started to listen to podcasts for the first time. Yeah, yours truly finally started into the podcasting stuff. I use to have iTunes but I would just sit there and listen to music and never really check out any of those broadcasts. My first one I’m listening is The 404 from CNET. If i wanted to listen to two Asians and a white guy talk about computers, games and hardware with all the profanity and slurs of a sailor; I would go outside (sorry if I offended anyone). So far, it’s the best and relatable podcast I’ve found so far; that and their schedule is pretty frequent so I don’t have to syndicate episodes. I have to find some other podcasts, but this is the only one I really enjoy. So much so, I’m starting to listen their episodes chronologically until I get to the most recent one. I had a SG-1 marathon, I can do a 404 marathon. So I’m up to episode 8 now with each spanning about 30 minutes.

I’m considering on getting back into Runes Of Magic. It’s free to play and I have a level 45/45 character I haven’t seen in ages so I think I should really give it another shot. Though most of the time, I’m just catching up with my priest and the quests are pretty similar. But I think I should get back into it and try play it some more. I’m already getting bored of FPS games and maybe I should go back to my beloved MMO? Though I wouldn’t mind a Stargate MMO, unfortunately Cheyenne Mountain went bankrupt awhile ago and never finished, pity.

Something new happened recently; I finally got that external hard drive. How I got is serendipitous; I just found an 80GB IDE Maxtor DiamondMax in the trash so I thought I might as well take it in and use it as an internal. Unfortunately my IDE  space is full with my optical drives and I don’t have a IDE/SATA converter so I did the next best thing and made it as a small back up hard drive. So I bought one though I might have a feeling I may regret my purchase of a IDE hard drive enclosure. However maybe someday I’ll buy a SATA enclosure so I can swap between both. I always wanted to have a large database of just stuff I want to save like my music and videos. So pretty much, just amateur plug and play stuff. Now I regret not getting the IDE/SATA enclosure for $35, lesson learned (maybe gift this little puppy to my sister?). My awesome computer is just a few steps away, just have to upgrade memory and maybe the cooling system and a bank of external hard drives.

Until next time bloggers, have a nice Friday!