Fallout Foresight

During the summer, I started a gameplay series on my YouTube channel. At first, I thought starting Fallout: New Vegas would be a neat game for a series. However now I’m at the point of no return.

The long distance I’ve traveled, the few games of Caravan, the people I’ve shot in game, the quests completed, I starting to think New Vegas is a wash. I know completing the game is doable, however completing the story is difficult when I am stacked with quests. Unsure of the main story quest, I am paranoid I might be playing side quests until my Pipboy empties until there is one solid direction.

In this way, it makes me think about how my life has gotten me here at this point. High school was a drag and I was unsure what I would like to do with my future. I spent days in a classroom to only finish a course to move onto the next. Tomorrow unknowing what will be, but it one direction I have to move – forward. Who said video games never taught you anything?

Perhaps I should finish what I started. Not only should I finish my Fallout: New Vegas playthrough, but I should do what I can for myself to better my life. I do work out but I don’t socialize with others, I see myself a bit of a recluse with my video games as my escape.

Like I said, who said video games never taught you anything?


Can’t cheat the game

Probably this has been the most existential idea a gamer has put forth. While we still bicker on the technology, games and consoles of the day for them to all turn to yesteryear’s junk, I sit here staring into the void inquiring on my ideas.

Life from the traveller has two points, the beginning and end; birth and death. As we take this journey, we realize these two points are never straight. Much like a winding path in the woods, you never see straight to the end but rather what you can see until you reach the curve. There are some which will let you look over the path but you will still have to walk it to get to the point where you observed. Still you will have to explore the path to reach your point of observation. “How does this relate to video games?”

Video games, whatever medium of choice, is indeed life. The time you bought it until you get bored of it. From the start of the story to epic climax. Point to point; this the game’s life and death. At the end when the round or the story is over, you can play again and enjoy it once more, unlike life. We can play ad nauseam, but it will have minute variations.

Odd thing about life mirroring gaming is vitality, the race to find methods to remain in youth; to stay young. Creams and lotions marketed as a youth serum to help reverse the aging process but no real evidence to say for certain your life is extended. In essence, you cannot cheat death. You can try all you want, but the more you push the more likely this pursuit for this obsession becomes your undoing. Cheaters never truly prosper.

We are our own video games and we are the gamers who must play them. We are set to this world of choices and consequences in a variety of difficulty. All of us dream of the easiest levels and the simplest routes. Surely we all want to find the easiest way to play through the entire game and even try for a speedrun. Ultimately a few things are just constants. We can never cheat the game and only the game give us the cheats when we deserve them the most. Lastly we are set into our difficulty level, there is no easy mode than normal.

Rather than finding the easiest paths, let’s all play the game.

Re: The Gamers

(A reply to this blog post.)

In my honest opinion, society has been kind of slow on things, especially on things they don’t necessarily conform to the social norm. If you’re in your 20’s and 30’s, you are a witness to the changing times.

When I was a kid, it was considered dorky and nerdy to play video games or watch sci-fi shows like Star Trek. Anything that was relatable to killing people or sports was considered the pretty cool thing at the time. That was before PC’s became easier to use and fiscally easier to obtain. From there rather than picking up a baseball, everyone picked up a BFG. Rather than winning matches, they rather win…well, matches. Then the little niche that could had access to DSL internet and from there multiplayer brought people from all over the globe to pick a fight against each other. However even with a bolstering youthful population playing, there are some old world blues.

Every since the industrial revolution, there has been many who like to push the boundaries of human progress while some rather put tolls on them as well. Humanity’s greatest gift is it’s ingenuity, able to adapt and learn while to accept and question the old and the new. The problem is traditional economics as in “it’s a waste of time if it’s not making money”. Which explains a lot about why they put us down negatively. We, the gamers, are seen as lazy non-contributors to the workforce. We are seen to sit back and play than work tirelessly. In reality, gamers are hard working individuals. From my personal experience, the gamer’s who played more are more productive in real life. Then there is something remarkable about video games. With games connecting players in parties and guilds or similar system, it has allowed these communities to not only pool resources in game but individual strengths together. I can reminisce a few times, I joined a group who played well to their strengths. Not on class or race but on each other’s attributes such as time management, critical thinking and conflict resolution. The complete irony is from some I’ve met, they’re very talented in talentless jobs. I knew a game who was an outspoken person who would be a great public speaker but they were working at something low wage and closer to his weaknesses than his strengths. It’s not because he was lazy, but the fact is economics. In our society we treasure those who are educated and prove they are educated rather than the outgoing personalities and attributes we personally developed. These people, these gamers; they have what it takes but because of how the economy works, “Gamer from 2000 – Present” isn’t much of a qualification.

There are a few benefits for playing video games. Some are loosely substantiated, but from my personal experience the main benefit is escapism. Just having a world you can explore and create your own fiction is an amazing freedom, I use to play a bit of GTA IV and after a difficult day I rather cause harm to computer programs than to people. If I wasn’t allowed to do so, I might be a bit of an angry person. Well, I still am but I have control of it. As for reflex and visual acuity, I’m kind of on the fence. I’ve been playing video games at a young age and I have never exceeded the test’s average. I guess it’s how you look at the text and if you think you can beat it.

Though there is little to support the benefits and consequences to video games, we shouldn’t turn a blind eye. We could be at an interesting turning point where video games can enhance people’s psyhcological and physical well-being. Not only being able to see and hear better, but to live better and happier.

Going Through the Motions

The past week felt like a breath of fresh air. Ever since the start of Autumn, I have been really busy with a lot of developments in my personal life. For the most part, I’m sorting out the finer details of adulthood and finally feel committed to improve myself. Still have I not found a place I want to be just yet, but I hope the shotgun of requests will find a way to get me somewhere.

This year with more games on my Steam account, I’m starting to get a lot of game updates around autumn. Though I am more than happy to play through these games. I worry I might be losing steam (Pardon the pun) when it comes to recording new  gameplay for my YouTube channel. Regardless, I will not give up on my channel just yet. For now as more new content, I would like to get into multiplayer co-op matches if I find them. Beyond recording, I’m playing through the new content from Interstellar Marines update 14, though it’s limited. I’m still hooked on playing Star Trek Online and it’s Delta Rising content has left me playing an hour a day exploring the new end game. On the Insurgency front, the new Nightfall DLC looks interesting; at the moment of this post, I’ve taken a peak of it on release. I feel like I could record more if I could somehow get my hands on new games. For the moment, I’ll settle with what I can buy and download. Gaming on a budget has it’s downfalls.

With YouTube and the new stuff, I have lacked in exercise. I promised I would keep exercising but I want to do more then just push ups while I wait for videos to render. I want more than just the usual. I would join gym but at the moment, my finances does not accommodate a gym membership at the moment. Maybe having a running buddy would be even beneficial, if I had a friend who enjoyed exercise. I’ll keep trying to stay fit while the weather gets more forbidding.

For now the new things in my life has to take precedence over the stuff I’ve created the past 10 months. Though the old and new my clash, both from my point of view have a part into my future. The only question is how much and would it be good for me.