Going Through the Motions

The past week felt like a breath of fresh air. Ever since the start of Autumn, I have been really busy with a lot of developments in my personal life. For the most part, I’m sorting out the finer details of adulthood and finally feel committed to improve myself. Still have I not found a place I want to be just yet, but I hope the shotgun of requests will find a way to get me somewhere.

This year with more games on my Steam account, I’m starting to get a lot of game updates around autumn. Though I am more than happy to play through these games. I worry I might be losing steam (Pardon the pun) when it comes to recording new  gameplay for my YouTube channel. Regardless, I will not give up on my channel just yet. For now as more new content, I would like to get into multiplayer co-op matches if I find them. Beyond recording, I’m playing through the new content from Interstellar Marines update 14, though it’s limited. I’m still hooked on playing Star Trek Online and it’s Delta Rising content has left me playing an hour a day exploring the new end game. On the Insurgency front, the new Nightfall DLC looks interesting; at the moment of this post, I’ve taken a peak of it on release. I feel like I could record more if I could somehow get my hands on new games. For the moment, I’ll settle with what I can buy and download. Gaming on a budget has it’s downfalls.

With YouTube and the new stuff, I have lacked in exercise. I promised I would keep exercising but I want to do more then just push ups while I wait for videos to render. I want more than just the usual. I would join gym but at the moment, my finances does not accommodate a gym membership at the moment. Maybe having a running buddy would be even beneficial, if I had a friend who enjoyed exercise. I’ll keep trying to stay fit while the weather gets more forbidding.

For now the new things in my life has to take precedence over the stuff I’ve created the past 10 months. Though the old and new my clash, both from my point of view have a part into my future. The only question is how much and would it be good for me.


Fun Feast Friday is back!

Hey everyone, just want to let you know I’ve updated my Fun Fest Friday page with some new information.

With the premiere of season 6 on Thursdays, I would like to take this opportunity to really explore some of the content. Well mostly, I want to play the Tholian stuff. But as always, up for anything in Star Trek Online since it’s a grind fest at the top.

To save some time here’s the information I’ve added.

Game: Star Trek Online
My name will be: Romeo McGrual (Romeo@Shooter-90)
Date/Time: 20 July 2012, 5PM EST
In-game meeting place: Nukara Sector, Eta Eridani Sector.

Also I’ll be giving away some stuff if anyone is interested but can’t level up in time. It’s first come first serve, I may throw in some good endgame gear for a few lucky people.

Come out this friday!

Bam…A game called Life

We had all those days when we escape in our head and wish that big wish. “I wish life was a video game.” Well buddy, easier said than done. Life would be way better to have attributes of an amazing video game. Better yet, why not all video games? This is likely everyone’s pipe dream, to become the cunning protagonist of an all time amazing plot called “Your Existence”. This video game would involve an ESRB rating of A for awesome involving nudity, violence and awesome. Whether you put it into a genre, you want [insert game features here] to become a wicked reality. But imagine how that would be like just for a moment. Right here, right now; think of all the games you played, what would you want in real life? Don’t worry, these are words…not like they’re going to leave you. I can wait…

…done? No? Okay, a few more minutes…

…done? Alright, let’s share!

We’ll take as how would a normal life would be from a perspective of a first person game. I like shooters, so FPS is a nice way to go.

So what would life be like? Well for starters, if I was born, it would be nice to customize myself. Like come on, you technically didn’t pick your avatar. Your genes literally hit that Randomize button like in Star Trek Online or The Sims. Then again your genes does do a better job than you can match certain features. To that; hats of nature, you are awesome. Though some genes suck though since they give you inherited abilities, like “Get Diseases” which is +15% Susceptibility to all Disease. Or what about “Light Drinker” which is a 50% chance of getting drunk on the first drink. Okay, the last one maybe isn’t inherited; you get my point. If anything, I would go with “Tank” for the 20% resistance and “Hindsight” for a small Perception boost. Not much a pick, but at least I’ll be visually acute with a powerful immunity to certain things. As always, we can never pick our abilities; genetics, life’s epic buzz kill. Though if by parallels, my world would be kind of like Grand Theft Auto IV. Drive cars, do whatever you want, strip club, die and respawn at a hospital. Like come on, the physics is hilarious too considering you can fall from space and hit water without dying. Even times just landing in a weird way can surprise you. Though if it was like GTA, the kicker would be a lot of drugs and random violence. Double edge sword considering you could gain money like crazy from just beating up pedestrians.

Cars are so last century though, from point A to B you have to wait or watch the world go by. Of course, would be nice if you can watch the world go around. But when you’re late for something, I want a damn Portal gun. Pop it from one place to the next. Heck, even NASA could use it. Since speed going is speed coming out, space travel would be a bit easier. Vacation? No problem, your trip is cut by half. Pay for a one way ticket and travel back via portal, then congrats you have a permanent place to take an vacation whenever you want. And for my political readers, if you wanted to govern over a city, state or country; it’s now super simple in this fantasy land. Easy to manage city fund and handle affairs; almost as easy as Simcity! Careful not to tick of the residents while you’re at it.

Spending all that time spending funds and jacking cars, don’t know about you but I would be hungry after running along the sidewalk for 6 blocks without a care in the world. I wouldn’t mind downing food in a single bite or suddenly absorbing it through my clothes and my skin. Taking from a bit of Grand Theft Auto, the clothes. Would be nice to have a preset amount of clothes rather “designer” fashion and such. Then again, I’m a guy and I don’t really need anything fancy to wear (I don’t think I need anything).  However the downside would be that the same dull pair of pants day after day and can’t really wash it in terms of in a “Grand Theft Auto meets reality” universe. Same goes with everything else I guess, but at least you can respawn back into a fresh set of the same dull outfit.

When it it comes down to DIY projects, it seems every game has the same general idea. Gather what you need, make it, enjoy. Either you wait for a timer to get it done or you would have to spend time to gather resources. No matter, it seems art imitates life when it comes to crafting albeit simplified. It’s not like I can make myself a gun out of one brick of metal or a computer out of sand, a brick of metal and plastics. It’s much more involved and labour intensive than just farming the resources and holding it in your hand and saying “make me a salad.” Large requires material items, a form of energy like heat or electricity and a whole lot of time. Even with crafting your first thing in real life, it’s not perfect; it’s way under perfect that when looking back to that very day, you could say “wow, that was indeed a crappy thing I made.” So chalk one to life for making crafting way harder, requiring experience and training, more materials than you need and some way to make those mats adhere to one another.

As you can tell in my little imaginative world, it would be partly based off a some MMO’s and RPG games with undertones of RTS. Of course, it will have it’s own problems and it’s own solution. Nothing is truly perfect, just better than it was before.

Up in the grey space

Everyone with free time have stared into space and asks unworldly questions, fact! Most I can say is they start with “what if?” We made them, asked them, answered them. Crazy, logical or even an odd conversation; it is great to boost a conversation. Zombies, sex, murder scenarios, probably the major three I have asked or answers.

Here is some of them I want to pass around. For every question, read my answer and think of how you answer; or don’t and enjoy the post for the sake of entertainment.

Way before the apocalypse and zombies became mainstream, I was given the question how I would handle the apocalypse if it happened now. So if it happened now while I was on my bed, I would be unprepared. But I would have a first aid kit ready, then accessibility to equipments/weapons. Starting with more aid as in food and medical supplies. There’s a pharmacy (Shopper’s Drug Mart to be specific); as well as 2 supermarkets, a Wal-mart and plenty places to hide. However without a very well built weapon, a city of millions would defeat bullets. However I do own some old hockey sticks and knives from the kitchen. So I think I can fashion a few axes and spears. All I need is companions with cooking and technical skills, safety in numbers.

Relationship scenarios are interesting and usually result in a long debate especially varying different opinions. One being Hilary Duff or Lindsey Lohan. Unfortunately this was much after Lindsey taking in so much bad publicity, she seemed okay then all the drinky-drinky. If it wasn’t paired with Duff and asked before all the bad stuff, I would consider it. Though I have heard interviews and Hilary seems an interest person to chat up. Probably her, I envy a certain hockey player.

Recently, same guy same question with different celebrity names. “Would you rather have sex with Hayley Williams or Taylor Swift?” First, why sex? Why must it be sex first? I wouldn’t go around shacking up every beauty. They’re beautiful and attractive, but sex would likely be last on the list or somewhere on the bottom of the list. Back to question at hand, Hayley or Taylor? Sex aside, they are evenly well matched. Attractive, eloquent, seems interesting are all there. Hayley seems to have a bold vibe, not sure if it is her personality or clothes; I like both. Taylor, she’s seems like a gentle and sweet personality. Also Taylor and I have an odd similarity in a certain number. I see it every day and good things usually happen. Well good would be exaggerated, more like I would be better off than before and my luck stat is pretty low. Now the bad side to get into that, it is always good to think of the downside. Songwriters they are, likely going to get a bad song for every good song. Public life is great but if someone pulls you under the bus, kind of a unattractive feature but a good thing to know she’s thinking of you. Popularity would also be a great undoing since I would lose out personal time. Saving best for last, way out of my league. Have you seen my profile picture? Like to that itself, would you or not? Anyways I had to answer this mind boggle. Close race that I had to choose. If anything best case if I was in that scenario; best friends with Hayley and Taylor’s on top. Though I must remark, why did you make it sex related?

Same person got Heavy Rain once the hype simmered down. It gave the protagonists choices to cut his finger off and other mature actions. So he asks “would you cut your finger off or get kicked in the nads?” Nads, most definitely nads. Then the chain of question rolls in. “Kick in nads or wake up in jail?” Depends if I did something wrong; misunderstanding then jail, otherwise nads. “Wake up in jail or wake up in bed with a man sleeping next to you?” I am pro to sexuality. You can choose how you run your personal life, relationships and all. However I have a comfort zone when it comes to my sexuality so I chose jail. At least it was a misunderstanding and not a drunk decision.

Walking down a busy downtown street, another chain of questioning. “Would eat two bowls of noodle soup or eat a whole plate of fried chicken?” I ate many things and learned a few things. Fried fills you up quick and water can be expelled easy so soup is easy to do depending on size of the bowl. I use to eat a lot, now just on moderation. “Soup or random item on the menu?” That day, I had my eyes set on a nice warm bowl of beef noodle soup. “Soup or steak served by a hot waitress?” Both good, I flipped for it. for the waitress. I like a good steak, otherwise it isn’t worth walking in. Well this descended into a bit seedy line of questioning where it ended into choosing really odd things. Never again.

Grewsome and morbid, murder. I asked one “One bullet, who would you shoot?” This one was a hard decision that I tried to answer the question. Since I didn’t specify, I started bend the rules. Evil people, I mean people who push you around and get what they want for personal gain. That’s hard to accomplish, lots of evil people and only one round; going to go big quite literally. Unless I can beat people with the gun…huh.

Hope I have given you something random to think about it. Play this when you have friends or just to post some hypotheticals for kicks. Feel free to comment or even ask one down below. Would you ask a question or just post a comment?

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Going to be the best Friday yet!

The last Fun Fest Friday was dud, but I’m pretty sure of myself for this Friday. First of all aside from updating my last post, the prize may increase just slightly and it might turn into a giveaway and PvP session. Considering I may or may not have some stuff I bought that might come in handy for someone else, I promise it’s not junk; more like overflow and I don’t necessarily need doubles of some items. Besides, the honest thing to do is to encourage more people to enjoy the game.

Also I started to tinker with creating a channel. Currently, it’s “nawkcirewordpress”; it’s private but you can contact me in game for details and maybe an early invite in and stuff. Just in case, I’m reading up on the channel commands in case I need them before I put it up as a public channel.

Remember folks, Friday at 5pm Eastern! See you there.

Probably the one MMO I love–“STO…you may stay…for now…”

As a fan of the 90’s Star Trek (Never saw the Original Series yet), I’ve always wanted a comparable game. Obviously, I’ve been going on about it for awhile; I do apologize, the little voice in my head wants to play. If not play, then think of Star Trek Online.

Most of the the time spent now as  vice Admiral is just doing the dailies and working on getting the story done. Not much of a level grind, but a repetitive grind for loot to be turned into set items. Before I focused on gathering dilitihum from the hourly events. Since completing the Breen storyline, I have enough dailies to provide the 8000 dilithium I would normally receive from other means. With that said, the 500 refined dilithium from the current anniversary event seems so insignificant. Of course there’s always something a bit more special in terms of events. Normally it would be some magically reason to hold an event. Well logically, it is the second year this game has been active. However in game, seems like old Q is at it with his omnipotent mischief. Though I though it would be a bit more annoying, it still is. Gathering his buddies in Starfleet Academy to receive a party popper, dilithium, or the mystery box (chance of the two or some random rare loot). I was hoping something more devious like turning my ship into an amoeba or he would harass me in some extra-dimensional way. Along with this big celebration of party proportions, Starfleet is rolling out their new class of ship. Bigger than anything built to date, the Odyssey is very noticeable despite everyone not trying her out. I for one, will let her mellow out a bit before I give her a spin; I’m not quite done with my Intrepid. For now, all I’m doing to her is adding consoles and refitting the weapons.

I’ve been considering since I have a lot of things in my bank that I would start doing something to clean it up. Not quite sure whether I should haphazardly give them away to people or make it interesting by posting clues on my RPG blog and see who might want to try and turn their skill into some in-game goodies. Probably make it into an intellectual pursuit rather than something you can look up on a wiki. I’ll be thinking about it maybe have a test run. Speaking of which…here’s some info for the next Fun Fest Friday.

Game: Star Trek Online

Time: Friday Feb 24, around 5pm Eastern. Feel free to just drop in and say hi.

Voice Chat: Nope sorry…maybe next time. However I will set up a chat channel in game for anyone who wants to join in. Watch the Fest Fest page for updates this week.

Cryptic handle: @Shooter-90 (also try Romeo@Shooter-90)

I will be at: Andoria (Vulcan Sector Sirius Block), likely just sitting in a corner or something.

The Fun Fest page has been updated so take a look if you have questions. Lets make a bit interesting since I will be in a corner of some place. How about first person who finds me and challenges me to a duel can get the opportunity to best me in PvP and get some starter goodies like:

-20 Large Hypos

-20 Large Shield Cells

-20 Large Power Cells

-All the batteries I have on my ship at the time (currently 20 engine batteries, 15 shield batteries and 20 weapon batteries; trying to collect 20).

-1 Cryo Tribble

-5, 000 Energy Credits

-And next blog and if you win, I will declare I got defeated by you in my next post.

Rules to the PvP fight:

-Bat’leths or fists (unequip weapons for fists)

-Free use of any device to benefit you (4 slots to fill, make your choice)

-No skill usage. I can’t heal myself except with hypos, so don’t use skills or it would be pretty cheap.

-No bystander buffs/debuffs. As in you can’t bring a buddy to be your advantage.

-If downed, other person should revive if possible. We all have that revive skill, good time to use it as a friendly gesture!

Win or lose, nice little offering of some goodies considering the starter pack in C-store is pretty pricey compared to what I’m offering. Of course if I feel up to it, I may allow others to fight me as well.

Aside from that, I will be helping anyone with missions or you just want someone to tag along to make it interesting. Two ships are better than one!

I forgot to mention, I must apologize for the last time we did this. I was caught up with real life stuff so I wasn’t able to be at my computer. This time, I’m saying no to real life invites; so I can accept your party invites (yay!)

Stay tuned!

Fun Fest Fridays

Hey guys,
I’ve updated the recently added Fun Fest Friday page.

Next week we’ll begin having some fun in Star Trek Online. Some details I will still have to work out and the meeting place might be crowded since it’s the default social zone to start.

Keep checking the page for more information since it might be on the 17th or 18th that I will have all that information up. Also I don’t like the tech setup for Ventrilo and the price of a TeamSpeak server so Raidcall is the way to go. I’ve added the link to it inside the page so check it out and download. A small company with big dreams, and free servers to give to all who sign up. All users will have to sign up to use the servers whether it is to make them or join them.

Doubt there will be a lot of starting content for some teamwork based stuff. If not, we can always have a chat on Raidcall and stuff. Doesn’t have to be game related. Though if there is, it’s going to be one busy night just running around and killing stuff!

Hope to see you there on Friday!