Black Friday or Common Sense

So Friday was no ordinary Friday. Gleefully, most people consider Black Friday consider it the best time a shop considering most gifts are cheaper by 30 to 50 percent of the retail value. Though I didn’t partake in the ritualistic greed like some people, I think there are some lines to be drawn when it comes to shopping for Christmas or  birthday after Black Friday.

First off, it’s the end of November. I don’t know where most of you are from but in North America, it gets cold. When I mean cold, I mean genital inverting cold. Depending where you are living, it can get cold fast and then drop further down that thermometer. I’m visiting someone in the US at the moment of this blog post and outside is something I dare not go due to the cold of an alarming 26 Fahrenheit (-3 Celsius for everyone else in the world.) Is it really worth freezing to death to save about 300 dollars? Considering the consequences of getting sick and missing school or work at the expense of thermal exposure for a small reward. Though if I had the money and the license, I would concede that saving money on a car would be the best deal. Even though gas prices are pretty high, you would likely see those savings lost in the first couple months on fuel. Secondly, is money that important? You are freezing your butt off to indulge in your dormant shopaholic tendencies. If it wasn’t shopping, I would assume people lining up early in the morning had a habit or, dare I say, an addiction. Appropriately, I would think getting a birthday present would’ve been done earlier for the sake of having a well thought up gift. Shopping for Christmas should be the same, buy it in advance and with thought.

Though as far as I am concerned, at least one person dies every day in the world. However the last five years, one person has died from a Black Friday related incident which concerns me considering most of these people are American. Wouldn’t these incidences reflect on the socio-economic values? Cheapest deal at all costs. Though Canadians aren’t immune to this but being at proxy does influence the shopping habits. I don’t really understand the need to spend to save. In my opinion, no spending save you a whole much more. That gadget or item is material, so is money. However the items usually depreciate especially stuff like electronics while money does inflate and deflate but it handles more like a ubiquitous resource within our society and economy. You can’t barter items for other items unless it’s a trade for money or items of lesser value most of the time. With money you can trade and barter for items and commodities.

Common sense: save money to buy things you need rather than buying because they’re cheap. It’s better than getting ripped off, trampled, shot, stabbed, stomped, beaten or crashed to death. You can’t get health at expending wealth. Health is the only way to get wealth and wealth is what’s getting you everything else. Therefore to compromise health, you indirectly compromise wealth.

Until next time, use a bit common sense.


Fun Feast Friday is back!

Hey everyone, just want to let you know I’ve updated my Fun Fest Friday page with some new information.

With the premiere of season 6 on Thursdays, I would like to take this opportunity to really explore some of the content. Well mostly, I want to play the Tholian stuff. But as always, up for anything in Star Trek Online since it’s a grind fest at the top.

To save some time here’s the information I’ve added.

Game: Star Trek Online
My name will be: Romeo McGrual (Romeo@Shooter-90)
Date/Time: 20 July 2012, 5PM EST
In-game meeting place: Nukara Sector, Eta Eridani Sector.

Also I’ll be giving away some stuff if anyone is interested but can’t level up in time. It’s first come first serve, I may throw in some good endgame gear for a few lucky people.

Come out this friday!

Going to be the best Friday yet!

The last Fun Fest Friday was dud, but I’m pretty sure of myself for this Friday. First of all aside from updating my last post, the prize may increase just slightly and it might turn into a giveaway and PvP session. Considering I may or may not have some stuff I bought that might come in handy for someone else, I promise it’s not junk; more like overflow and I don’t necessarily need doubles of some items. Besides, the honest thing to do is to encourage more people to enjoy the game.

Also I started to tinker with creating a channel. Currently, it’s “nawkcirewordpress”; it’s private but you can contact me in game for details and maybe an early invite in and stuff. Just in case, I’m reading up on the channel commands in case I need them before I put it up as a public channel.

Remember folks, Friday at 5pm Eastern! See you there.

Trek to Trek–Serious RPG fun time!

This week is starting to intensify in activity with new tasks I have set up for myself. Most importantly setting up the new content no matter how big or small it is. Most so far revolves around games. Given yes, it’s close to free to play launch. Though I wanted to leave a little something for anyone who subscribed or stumbled upon this blog to fins some use or information out of here, with or without my own opinions. Though now seeing my compendium of net terms may be a continual work in progress, I’m going to shift focus back to some Star Trek Online prep work I’ve been saving up the the last week. The the aid of Memory Alpha and the Star Trek Online Wiki, I’ve broken down to the few necessities I wish to start this seriously.

Though I have engaged into role playing in the past, I think this time I should really buckle down and think hard about this one. The fundamental execution of how everything will play out. First off small is the research of what I can or cannot do from the start of the game. Thanks to the features matrix on Cryptic’s website and comparatively the specifics provided by the wiki, a few things to point out from my previous post about Star Trek Online. One thing, I won’t have a spare character for free play. Looks like it’s all going to be straight up one Federation character. Never liked the Klingons; not being a racist, just don’t like the art direction since it’s too aggressive for my taste. So my roleplay character seems to be more or less “on duty” and “off duty”. Fine with me, until I can trade dilithium for points. Because of this, I was planning on a separate blog which would suit as a “Captain’s Personal Log” for all the roleplay stuff. From just gameplay and after action reports for battles and missions. I doubt I would cover ever mission but I would place in hints and clues of where I’m act in the log. However out of character stuff would be removed from the blog so it doesn’t seem too out of place. Which does raise one more question on how I will keep track of how I will go about playing this. Fortunately, I do have a tablet that will have me log down information and use those notes to form a post (thanks Evernote!)

Next on the agenda, ship set up. My inspiration will be quite limited since I wanted at the start a tank at the start. I’m always the guy as the tank. This time, new approach; the healer. In all likelihood, it would involve science and the science line of ships. People may disagree, but I’m sticking to this and going to use it to the best of my abilities. Speaking of which, I’m doing my best to ignore skill trees. If you were in the 25th century, I highly doubt anyone would just build a human in terms of skills and abilities. So like in life, I blindly go forth in this endeavour. Of course, I will mark my way with breadcrumbs on my new blog when the time comes. Now the name, what will be my name? For now, I am uncertain. Since I’m assuming all ship and RP names are unique, the best way to really go about it is a random name generator for now for some good solutions.

Ships is another philosophy, however. I wanted something to reflect on an elegant yet scientific perspective. I was and still is much of a Voyager series acolyte. All things considered, I may have already decided on ships and uniform design. Names on the other hand, may get tricky for ships. Like character names, I have no clue what is taken or not. Just some blind faith and some avoidance of names of ship classes and current canon ships; of course, anything other players may have taken as well. One thing I was really hoping for was the Delta class shuttle, aka the Delta Flyer from Voyager. Unfortunately, they turned that thing into a cash shop item. Looks like the one most awesome thing I wanted in game will have to be farmed for unless serendipity steps in and sends me off with this gift (hmmmm Serendipity, adding that to the list.) I have going to plan out two ships, one for a small shuttle and a large starship so I don’t have to be oh so bored about everything. Some challenges I would accept as a ship captain.

So to this blog I spoke about. Well obviously, going to handle over another blog. It will run parallel to my personal blog here. I’m not abandoning you guys, just giving you more stuff to read rather the same old stuff. The name however, I wanted to be suited to the name of my captain. Since he is unknown at the moment, it will be down the line before I start up the blog. Most likely when I’m making my character is when around the same time that blog will be online. Of course as time progresses I will add some nifty little things to the blog and maybe renovate it to give it a more techy look and feel. Once again, I’m not closing this blog down; just adding one more for more literary pleasure. Hope you like sci-fi, because I have plans; some good, some just random like this blog. Character meets creator. For now, I’m experimenting and looking around for some designs I might enjoy and would want to have for the blog. Maybe set up a WordPress STO roleplay network (or join one). Maybe start a fleet and have a large network of roleplay blogs among them (hint: you’re invited!) How would the roleplay be involved? Well not necessarily in game since most would just play because it’s free. Most of the role play will come from the blog of course and solo play missions; though if co-op permits, I may give in names of certain players in game.

Boiling it down, the blog would be from my character’s view of his world like this is a view of mine.