Sadness and Video games – Two things we can’t all live without

Hey guys, a bit of an update to my last blog. It’s been two day playing Wurm. I like it, not such a hassle to log on and pretty relaxing at times. I’ve joined up with another newbie and we started a small settlement of three as of today. I’m like the village carpenter, fisherman and cook. I don’t mind it, it’s easy at times besides the cooking. I’ve been sleeping all day and just been eating less again. More proof that video games have more of a hold on me than intended.

Anyways, I’ve been missing out on a lot of stuff. Apparently my sister invited me to go skating last Wednesday. I should tell her we can some other time. Speaking of making appointments, I think I should really get going into paying some bills and check in on a lot of stuff.

In other entertainment news, I’m starting to subscribe to other YouTube channels. Besides sxephil AIRSOFTGIdotcom and TobyGames; I just recently added BarbecueWeb. I couldn’t help myself considering how I kind of a thing for BBQ food. I’ve been sitting here watching it all day and I’ve concluded I would fold under pressure in front of good food. Also thinking about warm food really makes you forget about winter. I’m still waiting on new episodes of Stargate and Glee. I hate holiday reruns or that midseason pause. Oh! Mythbusters, I have to watch more of that.

I should really get outside and do something nice. But I can’t figure out what I should do while I’m out there. Maybe go to Chapters and check out some books or something.I’ve been reading through my D&D guide and trying to get down some of these things.

Well I’m going to bed since I’ve been up watching Youtube. Have a nice Monday everyone!


Day 9: Updates and really nice stuff happening (sort of)!

Hey everyone, guess who woke up early. I’m really excited about today because I’m going to be very productive today. I even got everything itemized just to keep up. First off, I’m going to check out those board game stores for D&D dice and maybe a monsters guide. It’s likely too expensive but at least I can check it out. Secondly, I’m going to bring along my little black book for writing and maybe check out Chapters for books. That’s going to take around 5-6 hours, hopefully. Okay, it doesn’t sound exciting but I will be far away from my computer as much as possible.

But before I do, I have to update my game clients since all of them would have started a Christmas theme event in-game. Usually these events are pretty extravagant, so I might as well do it now and get it over with.  It’s going to be pretty annoying to sit and wait. However, I’ll be persistent.

My writing project right now will involve a New Year blog about all the happenings in games and popular news. I though it would be a nice way to have some sort of reflection on the world this year. Going to involve lots of reading and looking into and it’s going to be a lengthy read so I hope you brought your reading glasses (or a cup of tea) for this one.

Comments and suggestion, don’t forget to hug someone or go outside if it’s a sunny day. It’s going to be a pretty busy week, stay turned (I mean, subscribed)!

Day 6: Learning curve and reading fast (2 things I would never ever do at once…until now)

Morning everyone and Merry Christmas Eve to all those Christmas people.

Well I didn’t get much sleep the last couple days. Not sure if the addiction is raging back or I’m just experience some hormonal change, though I do hope it’s the latter. To sum up my activities for the last 12 hours was reading 4 chapters of my Player’s Handbook for Dungeons and Dragons. I might have to resort playing by myself until I can find people who would be interested. By the looks of this game, it could be pretty hard considering my generation’s lacking attention span.

As you can tell, it’s day 6 of my cold turkey campaign on computer games. Good thing D&D is a board game or else I would be so screwed. All I’ve done is unpack and read D&D like mad, I haven’t even gone into drink a bag of expiring milk my sister gave me as well as mushrooms for my pasta sauce. The closest I’ve gotten to computer games is when I was installing the drivers for the game controller and I was just fiddling with the commands and such. Though I am really back up to a 11 of 10 to jump into the games on my computer and play for hours on end and talk about it. I’m so tempted that I wish someone could handcuff me to my bed (maybe on more than just restricting me from video games). Anyways, I used my ADHD for something good for once. I cleaned most of my desk from receipts dating back to 2007 and not I have some space for a few other things. I have a long ways to go to have a nice agronomical desk with a burn mark (another blog, another time). I still have to fix or find a use for my printer or just toss it and use that space.

Alongside with my problems and due to my sister being away, I have to water her plants which involves a nice 1.6 km walk through snow and slush  there and back. Probably I should do it today so I can go downtown and get some tacos from Taco Time. I’m sop tired that everything sounds good to eat; which reminds me, I have to get cereal.

Man, it’s going to get so busy today; but I have to suck it up and get through it. The next 3 days are going to be a test to my willpower since everything is going to be closed for Christmas and Boxing Day is going to be swamped with people chasing for deals.

Man, writing this; I can really see my tics. All the hand rubbing and squeezing and the fidgeting. Has anyone had that experience when they start noticing that stuff and even though it’s you, you just go, “that’s weird”? Share in the comments below while I try and stop myself. Though I might be tired, so I might have to get some rest.

Along with some computer news, I got NHL 2009 so once I’m done with the next 15 days; I might try and find some people to play a season or something. Though I think my mind would be more into playing Grand Theft Auto IV. I think it’s one accomplishment I ever wanted, it was to collect all DLC’s for a game as long as the original and the DLC’s are not pirated. Pirating games isn’t cool. Pirating anything isn’t cool. Maybe you want to just sample real quick then buy, but my view on that is if you like it, buy it.

So plans for the next 24 hours; water plants, sleep, eat, no staying in the house, maybe write and learn some more and find something long term until the 3rd (or was it the 5th of January?). Anyways, I’m wanting my game fix,; I think I should take a nap and see where I’m at.

I’ll regroup with you guys either today or tomorrow morning. For now, I leave you this. Post comments or suggestions on how I should really go with this.

Thanks for reading!

Day 5: Departure and Dungeons!

So my sister is leaving tonight. But before I saw her off she left me a little present. A large brown package and a game controller; oh almost forgot, a Caramilk bar!

So now I have 2 game controllers and I can yet play any games. I’m so torn about it. At least on the good side; when I opened this flat present in hopes of an iPad or a PC tablet, what did I find? A book for Dungeons and Dragons. One book a always wanted to get but always out of reach. Now I feel really bad, but then again I did help her fix up her computer. Or what I can do is gift her a copy of NHL 2009 and the game controller I bought second hand, then get a copy for myself and when she moves, we can still hang around by playing hockey. Hmmm, that might work.

So today was more Munckin mania, but today, it seems like I’m on a losing streak. I can never win with a Cowboy class if my life depended on it. But don’t fret, I will read my D&D handbook and plan for a comeback in D&D (insert generic villainous laugh). Well it will be sweet, though I wish there was most people I know who play D&D. But I’m pretty psyched to read it through the holiday season.

As for my addiction, I think it’s slowly manageable. I’m going to try and last for 10 days and see where I’m at, hopefully I can get through this. 5 days down, 16 remaining; so far, I’m holding on and climbing out. I haven’t thought about video games all day until I got my present from my sister.

Well, it’s almost 1 in the morning. I still have to force myself to get some shut eye; the one thing my addiction still has dominion of in my life. Wish me luck, folks. See you all tomorrow!