Day 5: Departure and Dungeons!

So my sister is leaving tonight. But before I saw her off she left me a little present. A large brown package and a game controller; oh almost forgot, a Caramilk bar!

So now I have 2 game controllers and I can yet play any games. I’m so torn about it. At least on the good side; when I opened this flat present in hopes of an iPad or a PC tablet, what did I find? A book for Dungeons and Dragons. One book a always wanted to get but always out of reach. Now I feel really bad, but then again I did help her fix up her computer. Or what I can do is gift her a copy of NHL 2009 and the game controller I bought second hand, then get a copy for myself and when she moves, we can still hang around by playing hockey. Hmmm, that might work.

So today was more Munckin mania, but today, it seems like I’m on a losing streak. I can never win with a Cowboy class if my life depended on it. But don’t fret, I will read my D&D handbook and plan for a comeback in D&D (insert generic villainous laugh). Well it will be sweet, though I wish there was most people I know who play D&D. But I’m pretty psyched to read it through the holiday season.

As for my addiction, I think it’s slowly manageable. I’m going to try and last for 10 days and see where I’m at, hopefully I can get through this. 5 days down, 16 remaining; so far, I’m holding on and climbing out. I haven’t thought about video games all day until I got my present from my sister.

Well, it’s almost 1 in the morning. I still have to force myself to get some shut eye; the one thing my addiction still has dominion of in my life. Wish me luck, folks. See you all tomorrow!