Day 25 – Regrets


I haven’t been keeping up with this blog challenge. Surprisingly, I have work recently and they’ve taken me into the late night. For the one day of the week I can sit down and wide awake, regrets has to be the topic.

I think awhile ago I had a few blog posts mentioning regrets. Main regrets revolves around my personal life, relationships and social life stuff. To be honest, I have days thinking about all my crushes from high school and where they are now. Some I know have done some incredible things in their lives, yet so petty pondering about if I ever had a chance to ask them out. During high school, there were a few girls I felt somewhat attracted. In the end, I shot myself down because I felt like an awkward outsider.

As I grew older, I did meet someone I spend a short while. Short being relative to the entirety of my existence. When I met her at the time, she was an amazing character which turned into a long distance relationship. In the end, I regret letting her go. To this day, I’m still unsure what happened; looking back I can’t help to think it was my fault, at the time and even now I just want a steady relationship.

On the professional and academic side of life, I have very few regrets. I regret having professional experience, lacking it has been detrimental in finding work at the moment. I wish I had some but as I’m growing up; employers ask more of me and yet handing it off to someone younger in inexperience. If that sentence doesn’t make sense, then I’ve done my job illustrating my struggle.

As a high school graduate, I must admit there are a lot of opportunities of employment but very few employers wanting to employ only on a high school education. From I’ve seen, those without other obligations will stay employed longer than those with obligations. Still troubles me to see people around my age trying to make ends meet while finding a higher education in order to make ends meet.

The pursuit for happiness as you can see for me is and always be just; a pursuit.