See you on the other side, readers!

I’m never much of a Boxing Day kind of person. The one time I went to buy something on Boxing Day, the lines were very long and the stores were very crowded. Let me just say, for all the risks, the rewards are few.

The first and last time I ever went out on Boxing Day was back when I picked up my Blackberry Playbook, at the time it was half off because the company wasn’t making much of a profit of them. So I though it would be a good time to snag one at a very low price. So I went out of the 26th at five in the morning. At first walking along the darkened empty streets seemed eerie as a few passing cars come and go on a large avenue. Human silhouettes indistinguishable to the eye as I briskly paced myself on a December morning. As I approached the downtown  shopping centres, I could hear people talking as the bright lights of the square gleamed the pavement with everlasting light. Already I could make out a few rows of people standing outside stores.

The line to the store I had my eyes on spanned up the street and around the corner for another block length. As opening was upon me, people began to fill the stores; moving the line as they entered. By the time I was inside, it was packed and hot. Chaotic movements jolted me back and forth like a violent wave. I checked the time when I paid for my new tablet and found it was almost 8. Two hours of waiting and one to wade through the bodies to get something that was worth under 200. Though a bargain, it was still stressful and chaotic.

For though boxers of Boxing Day, good on you because you can do this every year to catch some deals. For those curious of cheap wares, heed a warning from me. Don’t buy anything from Boxing Day that you really want. Seriously, dedication for a small material object is not really worth the stress. If you are planning on buying something on Boxing Day, I would suggest finding something you would like to have but wouldn’t be disappointment when it’s out of stock. You can either choose the long early line or sleep in because no worries, right? It’s not like you really want it that bad. When you get there it would still be packed with other customers, just calmly walk through to what you want to buy and pick it up, go straight to the cashier and calmly walk out. And there you go, one item with less hassle and stress compared to what I went through.

This year with my gaming channel, I really wanted a new pair of headset and a new hard drive. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really muster for the challenge. After going through this once, I just couldn’t deal with electronics stores being packed with people. It’s not really much of a hardware upgrade, my hard drive is running low on space but I can manage. As well, my headset is kind of getting old and in a deteriorating state; but it’s not worth the $20 I could save on Boxing Day. Like many things in my life, I can wait. I can wait to find what I need and want because I’m fine with what I have now. I think that’s where I will end off the last blog post of 2014.

Until next time, see you on the other side!


P.S. I did buy one thing on Boxing Day. One pizza.


Ironic year of stats and stuff (My year in one post)

Well this year has had its ups and downs for me. Especially with all that didn’t happen, even more flip-flopping than usual. Spending the year to blog was one of the nice things that as happened; though this has been around since 2010. It hasn’t evolved much in terms of what its used for, venting and game if not both. For the large part, I’ll spare you the droning and give you my top things of the year in no particular order.

Battlefield 3
The long waited successor to the franchise. Has highs and lows in terms of feedback, but one game I’m keeping on my system for the rest of the year.

Curiousity Rover
NASA launched this new rover just recently with many gadgets at its disposal. One day, habitation on Mars will be a reality. If not, just sent a nuke the size of a small buggy.

F2P Star Trek Online
Technically next year, but the beta came out this November and will be open in mid-January. So I’m STOked over STO.

YouTube Facelift
That change to me made things way simpler in handling how I watch a view videos. From fails to favorite funnies, everything simple but in a new sleek form.

Oh yes, my one great pastime. As of this December, it has been one year my blog has started. Not so bad considering the content I’ve created the past year.a

Though it is a short list, it’s a small look of how my world has been. Though it’s full of glory and regret. Retrospectively, it was very neutral in terms of what affected me positively and negatively.

Next year is going to be extra special, not just for doomsday. Well doomsday is going to be an interesting since will or will not happen. By a large chance, nothing will happen since the stories may just as well be just that. If it is the end, at least I won’t regret a lot of stuff. End of the world when I am most content, very poetic. If it’s just all hype, then more opportunities for job openings. I need employment so it’s a great chance of finding one, right? At any rate, blah blah blah overqualified people yada yada yada need job.

Aside from that, some new things coming up for the new year. First thing is a software review, stay tuned for that. While I’m at it, the usual shenanigans will continue as long with the long awaited Star Trek Online free-to-play. Like maybe about a few days after launch since I will be far from my rig for launch; by then time I return, I may set up an RP blog and maybe begin Fun Fest every Friday.

Aside from that; as the odometer turns over, a new adventure awaits down the road.