Summer’s ending…next week…

Okay, this weekend kind of sucked so much. I take that back, the past couple weeks sucked so much. Like it’s been more and more of a down experience and a confident middle finger to everything I’m trying to get out. I honestly don’t know where to really start since it’s been one sad slap to the face.

Started when my sister berated me over submitting my military application. Telling my to submit with what I have now. I would feel more confident if I have all the requisites filled and filed rather than “just hand it in”. I’ve never told her to pay her tuition with the money out of her pocket since “that’s all you have, it’s good enough”. I’m not an asshole, I do what I do best – play the game. Anyways, if she wants me too I’ll do it. But only if I can get a bet in there somewhere to prove her the repercussions of her arrogance. I know she’s trying to help me out. However, this is a really large shot in the arm that might not be worth taking. Stupid is what stupid does.

Last week up to Saturday, I’ve been following up on Jack Layton’s funeral and the whole orchestrated procession through Toronto. Though the state funeral was a nice upgrade from the humble funeral he might’ve received, I still think a quiet one would’ve been perfect. That’s just me though on how people should really go. I mean in a humbling way and not in a mass public spectacle. Just something to leave the world with a single thought about itself and not about yourself. Admittedly I’m pretty young to think about death, death itself is serendipitous. Could take many decades for me, but still a likelihood death’s doorstep is just around the next action I take. Maybe it’s time I should really write up and keep a will in case. My career might get dangerous and I wouldn’t mind keeping something to make sure all the good stuff goes back to my family (or to science). Either affect, I’ve been feeling pretty down about thinking of both.

With summer coming to a close, every fleeting moment reminds me of what I’ve pretty much done all summer. I have to admit, I did truly try. Completed or attempted a lot of things. Renewed my vision on how I should live my life. Time well spent.

So how’s everyone’s summer?