Black Friday or Common Sense

So Friday was no ordinary Friday. Gleefully, most people consider Black Friday consider it the best time a shop considering most gifts are cheaper by 30 to 50 percent of the retail value. Though I didn’t partake in the ritualistic greed like some people, I think there are some lines to be drawn when it comes to shopping for Christmas or  birthday after Black Friday.

First off, it’s the end of November. I don’t know where most of you are from but in North America, it gets cold. When I mean cold, I mean genital inverting cold. Depending where you are living, it can get cold fast and then drop further down that thermometer. I’m visiting someone in the US at the moment of this blog post and outside is something I dare not go due to the cold of an alarming 26 Fahrenheit (-3 Celsius for everyone else in the world.) Is it really worth freezing to death to save about 300 dollars? Considering the consequences of getting sick and missing school or work at the expense of thermal exposure for a small reward. Though if I had the money and the license, I would concede that saving money on a car would be the best deal. Even though gas prices are pretty high, you would likely see those savings lost in the first couple months on fuel. Secondly, is money that important? You are freezing your butt off to indulge in your dormant shopaholic tendencies. If it wasn’t shopping, I would assume people lining up early in the morning had a habit or, dare I say, an addiction. Appropriately, I would think getting a birthday present would’ve been done earlier for the sake of having a well thought up gift. Shopping for Christmas should be the same, buy it in advance and with thought.

Though as far as I am concerned, at least one person dies every day in the world. However the last five years, one person has died from a Black Friday related incident which concerns me considering most of these people are American. Wouldn’t these incidences reflect on the socio-economic values? Cheapest deal at all costs. Though Canadians aren’t immune to this but being at proxy does influence the shopping habits. I don’t really understand the need to spend to save. In my opinion, no spending save you a whole much more. That gadget or item is material, so is money. However the items usually depreciate especially stuff like electronics while money does inflate and deflate but it handles more like a ubiquitous resource within our society and economy. You can’t barter items for other items unless it’s a trade for money or items of lesser value most of the time. With money you can trade and barter for items and commodities.

Common sense: save money to buy things you need rather than buying because they’re cheap. It’s better than getting ripped off, trampled, shot, stabbed, stomped, beaten or crashed to death. You can’t get health at expending wealth. Health is the only way to get wealth and wealth is what’s getting you everything else. Therefore to compromise health, you indirectly compromise wealth.

Until next time, use a bit common sense.