Day 17 – Blogs and Things


I going to be frank with all my readers about what happens when you subscribe to my blog. When I receive the notification about a new subscriber, I usually click to see their blog posts. Sometimes I get some good ideas from them and sometimes they give me insight about them.

It started with the first group of subscribers and followers. Notably is Gaming Goddess, she also runs a podcast of the same name. I’m not much into retro or RPG games, but the commentary and occasional hardware reviews and rants keep me coming back for more. Thus far, she’s the only blog I follow which has some consistent and interesting content.

When I first got my iPod Shuffle, I had to get iTunes to make it run in Windows. Due to the application, I began downloading podcasts from their store. First out of the lot aside Allahweh’s GG podcast, it was StarTalk hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Usually I listen to it from time to time, but I do have other things to listen and watch. Ever since I got into airsoft, I’ve subscribed to a couple podcasts. Gorilla Airsoft has brought me a couple laughs and bits of advice and information.

I also follow certain tags on WordPress as well. Sometimes with some good reads. As usually as a gamer there are a few tags dedicated to video games; “gaming”, “indie games” and “video games” are the definitely on watch. I sometimes read through “teen” and “technology” tags. “Airsoft” is usually slow moving, but sometimes there is a gem.

I’m stuck on YouTube if there is nothing to be reading or listening.


Into Airsoft

As I am writing this, I am ill. Being stuck in bed means I am and for the first time blogging from my phone. Hopefully everything makes sense and spelling is fairly correct.

So what have I been up to this week? Much has happened since my last post. First being I got sick which I am recovering slowly yet terribly. I sure how I got sick but I know it felt like it came suddenly starting with a scratchy throat. For the moment with some medication, I can function with little interruptions.

On Wednesday, I paid a visit for the first time to buy some airsoft equipment which I am happy turned out well. Though I am short two magazines and some clothing, over the coming month I might be able to fill it all in. In the mean time here a pic of all the things I bought.


In the picture is my brand spanking new airsoft gun from King Arms with a gun bag for legal reasons. I bough a lithium polymer battery and a smart charger. Though travelling to the store was tough, I think my entertainment budget is effectively maxed out for the year if I don’t find a good way to make up for losses.

Speaking of entertainment and losses, my adventures in The Long Dark will be on hiatus for awhile. I am starting to feel a bit burnt out from travelling. I think my sickness is getting to me. However on good news, I did record some Pulsar Lost Colony so those episodes will be uploaded and published.

Also some time soon, I will convince Jessica (“Allahweh”) to start a co-op playthrough of Starbound. I hope soon since my summer scedule is getting packed.

Speaking of which, recently I had a nice chat on her Gaming Goddess Podcast. We talked mostly about streaming and space games. I have to admit I was nervous but I think I was okay as a first timer. Definitely would like to come back on her show.

But for now, I need to rest and heal. And hope I am better tomorrow.