Day 26 – Talents


I have never consider myself having any talent, I would even consider the phrase “a talentless hack” to be a complement at times. Talent in my frame of mind is an skill only a few possess. The few who acquire this skill through experience than learning academically. Perhaps talent has a bit of intrinsic value. To me, talent should be something remarkable and meaningful to a few.

Anyone can say they have talent. I wouldn’t say I’m an extraordinary writing, but 210 of you guys would disagree. I’m not a bright person, though I sometimes think of some good ideas. I don’t possess the ability to create earthly elements from my hands; except for fire, if I have a lighter. I’m not a musician, my virgin guitar in my basement would be proof of this. I’m an average gamer at best, could’ve gone pro if my parents didn’t hold me back (okay, maybe amateur or a popular YouTuber at best). So what can this talentless hack do that can be extraordinary?

Recently I went to a Christmas dinner; as much eating and drinking was involved, I stay to the late hours. Everyone was hammered and I was buzzed myself, but I stayed behind with some of the remaining guests and talked until I was ready to leave. As much as I was told I can leave after the dinner, I stayed behind to enjoy myself. I didn’t stay behind to drink or anything, I just stayed behind the people were there I would consider are kind of like family. I really did it out of loyalty, I’m not much of a drinker and I was still hungry after the dinner too.

While I was there, I sat there and listened to a lot of people talking about themselves. Most of the time for hours, sitting there with beer in hand and and open ear. Passing some small talk and just talking to the people I work with; people have some interesting things to say, advice to be given.

The oddest thing is my talent as mundane as they are, they are talents we could all have within us year round. Compassion and loyalty to others seems to be sparse outside of social circles. Whether it is the sign of the times, the world this Christmas is closing into itself rather than working towards something open and incredible.


Day 13 – Fridge Tax


Two litre Orange Crush soda.

That’s pretty much in there aside from taco sauce packets from Taco Bell. As you can tell, I eat out a lot.

If I had the skill to cook, I would use that fridge to store actual food. Perhaps some day, for now I think Day 13 is a bust (sorry).

Day 12 – Books


I’m bending the rules on this since when I was a kid, I never read a lot of books. As an adult I’ve read more within 2 years than I have in decades before it. I think it is due to just having to never write a book report on them. The bane of my high school experience was reviewing books and materials. Regurgitation isn’t something I would like to do, but with due dates so close you have to just push it out of your mouth like a mindless worm.

The latest book I’ve read is “David and Goliath” by Malcolm Gladwell. Consists of facts and anecdotal evidence about people who think outside the norm. It’s rationalizes that physical appearance does not hinder success and the best can be the worst.

Even though I have not reread Gladwell in a year or so, I’ve been interested in a couple graphic novels from Bryan Lee O’Malley. The latest one I’ve read is Lost At Sea which revolves around her road trip in search of her belonging in the world. The book takes a philosophical turn and in the end she finds what she has been searching.

As well I’ve recently read Seconds by O’Malley which has a supernatural twist where a restaurant owner tries to perfect her world to understand the situation she belongs in is hers and hers alone. Without giving much away, it explores our need to have everything perfect but reality is nothing is perfect regardless how you put them. We are the product of our doing.

I should really read Scott Pilgrim and read other books from Gladwell, these books are really made me ponder the world.

Day 11 – Favourite F


In the Day 2 post, I mentioned I enjoy a diverse selection of food. As a kid growing up, I was exposed to some Asian oddities of Chinese cuisine. However I still cringe at a few delicacies, I’m into both meat and veg but there are some veg and meats I would rarely eat due to bad experience.

In no particular order, favourite foods starting with:

  1. Noodles, I don’t know why I like noodles. I like it in soup and as a standalone with some veg and meat. This is inclusive to noodles from out of the Chinese ethnic background. I like pasta like fusilli, penne, macaroni and spaghetti. It’s only 4 in that example and it’s only because those are the 4 I frequent most. Then there is ravioli, which brings me to the second thing.
  2. Dumplings, it’s like stuffed noodles. Debatable which is better, depends on the stuffing. Like noodles, this is inclusive to anything which has meat or vegetable stuffed into a pastry or staple. When I was a kid, I like minced pork and beef with bit of veg. I like my dumplings cooked a variety of ways; steamed, boiled, fried and pan fried. As long as it’s cooked and served up to me, I can probably stomach a few.
  3. Openly stuffed, since I’m doing categories this is for nothing enclosed. Food like burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. I just like the combinations of food and veg in things so innocuous as a sandwich. Though most of the time they’re processed, I do like processed meat. Nothing’s great went consuming meat between two buns into your mouth. It’s a meal in two handfuls.
  4. Fried food, probably unhealthy out of the ten in this list. I like certain things that are fried; chicken, spring rolls, samosas. It’s nice in the winter when it’s a bit piping hot, even in other seasons it’s great to bit in and see the steam waft away from the goods. Aside from deep frying, pan frying is pretty delicious as well. Some people say burned food will give me cancer, however it’s a neat alternative to convection oven baking.
  5. Speaking of baking, I love baked goods. Cakes and pies, not forgetting pizza; pizza I believe is baked. I cannot take enough of the soft texture and the sweet or savoury taste.
  6. Sweet, savoury and spicy sauces, I’m not leaving condiments behind. Sometimes good food is best complimented with a condiment. I favour the sweet and savoury, BBQ sauces and the sweet and sour things. On occasion, I do go out there and grab the hot sauce. Not the hottest of the hot sauce, but something with a kick. There are some thing that’s worth the spices.
  7. Soup, large bowls of soup is incredible. Best consumed when sick but even better on a chilly day. It’s homely and can be timelessly rustic. I remember I spent an entire month on a pho noodle soup binge. It’s so delicious to have noodles in a beef broth and having herbs suspended in this dark boiled goodness.
  8. I also have a sweet tooth, candy is something I enjoy in frequently but I do like gummy candies as well as hard candies. I remember when Skittles had the sour skittles, it was the first time I really had a sour candy and that got me kind of hooked onto sour candy. Unhealthy as it is, it’s a nice treat from time to time.
  9. Soda, fizzy and sugary. It’s liquid candy. Before you ask, “Eric, Coke or Pepsi?”; I’m both, some days I like to drink the crisp taste of Pepsi and sometimes I want to grab a Coke for it’s smooth after taste. Awhile back both had their release of cherry flavoured cola and they have their line of lime cola and for both, I’ll take my Cherry Coke and Sprite. Then there is the Dew, Mountain Dew is great when I’m not consuming any food; a nice drink for just lounging.
  10. Fruits, it’s nature’s candy! Sweet and delicious and for the work you put in cleaning and peeling, it’s great. I usually stick to eating bananas, apples and oranges; however grapes are are pretty great since you can eat one and save the rest for later. Same with strawberries and cherries.

Now if you excuse me, I have a taco to eat because this made me hungry.

Day 9 – What’s in my wallet?

This is a pretty awkward post.

As a guy in the

This is a pretty awkward post.

As a guy in the millennium, my wallet no long carries any money. Yet still my wallet contains a pocket for bills. Now I have it as a storage for business cards primarily than for cash, occasion I line it with a 20 when I need to be at a cash only affair.

The odd little thing in this nylon accessory is a pouch. I never knew the reason behind it but the best I can place it is it’s for small change which I don’t usually keep on me. Right now, it holds my fare for public transit.

So without cash, I carry cards and I do carry a lot of cards. Rather than describing every card, I’m just going to list them off. Aside from my bank card, I have:

-G1 driver’s license (AKA, my learner’s permit)

-EB Games/Gamestop reward card

-AirMiles card

-My doctor’s card with my appointment schedule

-Receipts (I don’t know why, but I have them)

-Business card for my part time job that I don’t go to very often

-Membership to Mountain Equipement Co-op

All of them filed into 3 card slots into my wallet. I try and keep what I need in there, but as you can tell there is some things that don’t belong.

Day 8 – 5 Current Goal

I am surprised I’ve managed to keep this up for the past week. Surprising is the range of difficulty some of these topics. However, let’s get on to my current goals.

I am not much of a goal setter. I usually don’t plan for anything and improvise everything. Somethings I do well to prepare myself but when it comes to planning to complete goals is something I’m never good at because I am and will never be a completionist. Rather than focusing into one thing, I like to spread out and find my personal worth in skills. Instead of going to school to learning a skill to fit in, I want to learn those skills through experience and if I like to participate then I would have found one of many things I can do. Though I don’t have goals, there are some aspirations I have for my life. The question of whether I will have or not have these aspirations is another thing.

  1. I would like to have a steady job I like doing. It’s not about making money, but a job I can feel most productive in, something I like to contribute towards, and the wage I earn can pay for all the things I need; food, shelter and entertainment.
  2. I would like to have a place to call my own. A nice condo or a house in the city, the unfortunate circumstance is living in the city raises the cost of living. Property is expensive and owning a house would take a lot of planning and money. However if played right, there is so much diverse food choices. I spent a month north and I realize I sometimes take food for granted here.
  3. If I were to live anywhere now, I would have to get a car. In the city, you are limited to how far you can walk or where public transit can take you. Though I do have an expiring G1 (my learner’s permit), I never fully committed to getting my full G license to drive. The only reason is I wanted to get my license was to carry an ID. Now that it’s expiring, I might just consider on getting an ID card rather can a license of some sort. Back to the idea of a car, it would be nice to drive and find some neat spots around the city where I can watch the sunsets in the summer. Maybe do some road trips by myself or with someone.
  4. Speaking of someone, I would like to have someone special in my life. I want to share my life with someone. There are so many things which are best spent with someone you care about and enjoy their company. I’ve went out and had dinner alone, went to the movie as just myself, walked and shopped alone. The experience is so mundane and boring alone yet it could be more interesting if I had someone to share the moment.
  5. Happiness is something mostly spoken about, but only a handful experience it for a long time. The longest time I was ever happy was about a year. I felt just comfortable with myself and with how everything was going. At the moment, I feel a bit neutral. Not so happy, not so sad; I just know I could do better. I would like to be happy and comfortable with my life rather than worrying. I just want to pick up my head up and look around feeling good.

As you can tell, I have much to go  before anything on here will happen.

Day 3 – Quotes


Quotes to me are fragments of wisdom people want to remember. They are the lessons learned, the hard fought battles, the bits of an entire story. The entirety of an experience summed into an odd sentence. Usually catchy and wise; however I never found a good quote that would help me in my life. Nothing seems utterly relevant than sticks to my being.

For this post, I’ve spent a solid hour searching for a quote. Though some were fascinating, all of them seemed like something I wouldn’t necessarily quote. Of all the scholars and athletes, from philosophers to thespians, I cannot in the life of me find something worth quoting for myself.

Though in the laundry list, I can see tomorrow will be more productive than today’s entry. I can feel safely honest yet saddened I couldn’t place a quote for you guys. If the world had something to say, it has already been said. If not once then many times over and I don’t think it would make me any more enlightened.

Like this post, this too shall pass.