Day 10: Half way but half ass

Afternoon, I just had a wonderful lunch of pasta and sausage. I know I promised that retrospect, but I decided to scrap that idea since my memory of 2010 is pretty personal and short. But without a shadow of a doubt, I’m still going strong in fighting my addiction.

Today, my headaches stopped sort of. I can still feel my head throbbing like mad, but it doesn’t hurt as much. I still feel tired and pathetic; but hey, my 9 day headache is almost gone. I think I might pull through this, I just to hang in and hold firm. Definitely sitting here and typing than playing really makes the difference. Rather than shutting down, I’m just letting it out and just calming down. Well, not really calming down; more like being open of my unfortunate situation. My sleep cycle is still out of whack, I might have to tweak around a few things to get it right. I just hope I don’t relapse; or worse, get through this all over again.

You know how you were a kid and you had that one thing that made you happy and without it you feel pretty sad? That’s me and video games. Like most of my childhood was video games. It raised and taught me the finer details in life no mater how obscure or exaggerated they are. It was always there to reward and punish me. The one thing I turned to when I need to be comforted and feel needed. Listen to me going on like this; but that’s the underlying truth, video games is my only friend and it’s hard for me to turn my back to something I really put my trust in. Without it, I just feel empty inside like I lost a part of myself.

The plan today is to nap considering I only slept for 3 hours, then maybe make a couple phone calls and maybe try and call whoever reached my cell phone yesterday during my walk. Apparently, someone called and I didn’t feel my phone vibrate. I’m that kind of person who doesn’t want an auditory distraction, there’s just too many phone like that. So I took a simple and polite approach to my phone and just set it to vibrate so it doesn’t annoy anyone. After I took my necessary rest, I think I’m going to have either eat or type more to get away from the game icons. I really need some inspiration since I haven’t written a poem since November. Maybe bug my girlfriend a bit when she’s not busy.

As always, sharing is caring so leave a comment or suggestion. I’ll will definitely be seeing you all tomorrow!


Day 9: Updates and really nice stuff happening (sort of)!

Hey everyone, guess who woke up early. I’m really excited about today because I’m going to be very productive today. I even got everything itemized just to keep up. First off, I’m going to check out those board game stores for D&D dice and maybe a monsters guide. It’s likely too expensive but at least I can check it out. Secondly, I’m going to bring along my little black book for writing and maybe check out Chapters for books. That’s going to take around 5-6 hours, hopefully. Okay, it doesn’t sound exciting but I will be far away from my computer as much as possible.

But before I do, I have to update my game clients since all of them would have started a Christmas theme event in-game. Usually these events are pretty extravagant, so I might as well do it now and get it over with.  It’s going to be pretty annoying to sit and wait. However, I’ll be persistent.

My writing project right now will involve a New Year blog about all the happenings in games and popular news. I though it would be a nice way to have some sort of reflection on the world this year. Going to involve lots of reading and looking into and it’s going to be a lengthy read so I hope you brought your reading glasses (or a cup of tea) for this one.

Comments and suggestion, don’t forget to hug someone or go outside if it’s a sunny day. It’s going to be a pretty busy week, stay turned (I mean, subscribed)!

Day 8: Update and sad sleeping-ness

Just a quick update for today’s happenings. First off, I literally slept through the day. ANd I woke up just to check facebook and all that online stuff. So I literally overlooking all my plans. But I guess I can do them tomorrow and try and get up early. Though it’s kind of hard sticking to this 21 days of no video games to keeping productive because I’m feel really down and I honestly feel like I never have the energy to get up. It’s a very miserable feeling that I can never describe. I guess the only way to put it close to would be being pinned by a cement block as the rain pours down your face in a night so dark and no one can hear you no matter how loud you scream in pain. Then at the very moment, you notice everything you lived for was for in vain; I guess that’s as much as I can describe it. Probably I’m just part of the generation growing sad and disconnected from social interaction, maybe just the world is too bug to really recognize one person’s existence.

Day 8, I can finally see myself breaking down without video games. Cravings have felt like they’ve increased ten-fold, everything in my body is in pain, I can hardly sleep at regular intervals. But it looks like I have to press on this attack.

Tomorrow, I hope for the best though it never gets better. As one fictional character once said, “Just because one threat is behind you, doesn’t mean there isn’t another ahead ”.

Day 7: The ultimate test of patience

I totally forgot how excruciating Christmas is when you have nothing to do except play video games. But I survived it, I pretty much ate cereal and sleep through a whole 10 hours of the day. But I think Boxing Day would be pretty good tomorrow. Store will reopen and maybe I can go to a restaurant or something and eat. Scratch that, I have a lot of food to get through.

Well at least the half hump is going to be easy tomorrow. I can easily get out and do stuff rather than cooped up in my room staring at all my game desktop icons and wishing to play each and every one of them.

About a decade ago I opened up my first bank account and the bank gave me a piggy bank as a gift. I over the years, I stashed it somewhere in my house and I’ve been searching for it ever since. Until today, I wasn’t able to find it. Who knew it was sitting next to my Gameboy Advance and my old school supplies. Now I can use it to store some coinage on my desk that I also recently cleaned up all and almost tidy. Along with that, I found my old lighter, some newspapers dating back around 2005 or so, and some cheap earbuds.

Aside from my Christmas treasure hunt, I added new widget on my blog. Some have noticed it but I want to let you know, the 5 star rating. For people who want to be all like “awesome, 3 stars”, there you go; just thinking of you.  Since it is Christmas, I emailed my girlfriend her present, she like it. It was awesome. I liked her reaction. Okay, I loved her reaction. Totally worth 2 months of editing and rewriting; I’m very satisfied with results.

In borderline game news, I received another gift code from Runes Of Magic. (Wait Eric, before you start…explain yourself!). RoM’s an MMORPG similar to WoW. It’s got farming, housing, pets, crafting, and a lot of dungeon raiding. But I redeemed it and hopefully it will be still active after January. So I guess that’s a little Christmas miracle because I rarely do get any gift that special.

This morning, I spent about a good 2-5 hours running through 3 chapters of that D&D handbook. I think I got the gist of it, but it looks like “more lumber is required” (WarCraft 3 reference). I still need a game board and some crazy looking dice that’s going to set me back. but at least I know how to play, basically.

Currently planning on day 7, I’m unsure what to do. Hopefully it will involve either eating or checking out computer shops and such. Something about computer stores fascinate me. Even Future Shop and Best Buy sometimes brings that effect to a certain degree. But those little shops that sells you hardware are pretty sweet; you can literally buy anything computer related and usually costs pretty good compared to big box stores. Like my custom computer was 2000 bucks and that’s with monitor, OS CD, keyboard and mouse. At places like Best Buy it would’ve been like 3 or 4 grand. So yeah, if you ever wanted a good business or want to make a good deal; independent computer parts shop, it beats buying stuff through the internet.

Anyways, that’s it for me. I’ll give you guys an update tomorrow. As always, comments and suggestions; stories if you got them.

Merry Christmas!

Day 6: Learning curve and reading fast (2 things I would never ever do at once…until now)

Morning everyone and Merry Christmas Eve to all those Christmas people.

Well I didn’t get much sleep the last couple days. Not sure if the addiction is raging back or I’m just experience some hormonal change, though I do hope it’s the latter. To sum up my activities for the last 12 hours was reading 4 chapters of my Player’s Handbook for Dungeons and Dragons. I might have to resort playing by myself until I can find people who would be interested. By the looks of this game, it could be pretty hard considering my generation’s lacking attention span.

As you can tell, it’s day 6 of my cold turkey campaign on computer games. Good thing D&D is a board game or else I would be so screwed. All I’ve done is unpack and read D&D like mad, I haven’t even gone into drink a bag of expiring milk my sister gave me as well as mushrooms for my pasta sauce. The closest I’ve gotten to computer games is when I was installing the drivers for the game controller and I was just fiddling with the commands and such. Though I am really back up to a 11 of 10 to jump into the games on my computer and play for hours on end and talk about it. I’m so tempted that I wish someone could handcuff me to my bed (maybe on more than just restricting me from video games). Anyways, I used my ADHD for something good for once. I cleaned most of my desk from receipts dating back to 2007 and not I have some space for a few other things. I have a long ways to go to have a nice agronomical desk with a burn mark (another blog, another time). I still have to fix or find a use for my printer or just toss it and use that space.

Alongside with my problems and due to my sister being away, I have to water her plants which involves a nice 1.6 km walk through snow and slush  there and back. Probably I should do it today so I can go downtown and get some tacos from Taco Time. I’m sop tired that everything sounds good to eat; which reminds me, I have to get cereal.

Man, it’s going to get so busy today; but I have to suck it up and get through it. The next 3 days are going to be a test to my willpower since everything is going to be closed for Christmas and Boxing Day is going to be swamped with people chasing for deals.

Man, writing this; I can really see my tics. All the hand rubbing and squeezing and the fidgeting. Has anyone had that experience when they start noticing that stuff and even though it’s you, you just go, “that’s weird”? Share in the comments below while I try and stop myself. Though I might be tired, so I might have to get some rest.

Along with some computer news, I got NHL 2009 so once I’m done with the next 15 days; I might try and find some people to play a season or something. Though I think my mind would be more into playing Grand Theft Auto IV. I think it’s one accomplishment I ever wanted, it was to collect all DLC’s for a game as long as the original and the DLC’s are not pirated. Pirating games isn’t cool. Pirating anything isn’t cool. Maybe you want to just sample real quick then buy, but my view on that is if you like it, buy it.

So plans for the next 24 hours; water plants, sleep, eat, no staying in the house, maybe write and learn some more and find something long term until the 3rd (or was it the 5th of January?). Anyways, I’m wanting my game fix,; I think I should take a nap and see where I’m at.

I’ll regroup with you guys either today or tomorrow morning. For now, I leave you this. Post comments or suggestions on how I should really go with this.

Thanks for reading!

Day 4: Irony in this situation

Well today, something great will go down. Nope, not getting married (…not happening in the near future that is) and I’m getting a new car though that would be sweet if I had a license. Well based on this title, my fellow readers; I’m getting a game controller for my PC. Of course I can’t use it until January 3rd, but I’m getting it used at a sweet deal. Just at 20 bucks, I’m getting a Logitech RumblePad 2; which I think is pried at around $50 Canadian. Even at good condition and used once, it’s not a bad price. Downside probably minor like no refunds and void warranty. But it shouldn’t be a problem.

Since we’re on the topic. DAY FOUR! I’m one fifth there…almost. Just have to hold out long enough until I don’t feel the pain. Last night, I just tossed and turned all night. When I woke up after probably hours of fading between my conciousness, all I did was look up trailers of games. I feel so weak but it felt good. Well, I’m not going to play a game so it’s not bending the rules; I’m just walking that fine line.

Plans for today include TV, YouTube, a movie, installing software for my gamepad and poetry. Though I really should add finishing touches to my present for my girlfriend, she’s going to be surprised when you opens her inbox on Saturaday.

Tomorrow, I have plans with my sister again before she leaves. Then after dinner and back here to blog about it before I sleep. If not, the blog will be the day after and maybe on the same day, finishing touches to my present.

Today’s fairly uneventful, so I’m going to get right down to it. I’ll see you fine people tomorrow!

Day 2: Munchies and Munchkins

Day two, I’m starting to feel the pinch now. I’m really tempted to log into Steam and play some Team Fortress 2 or start up Grand Theft Auto and play for a day. I just woke up from sleeping and I can’t sleep. It’s like I’m a cigarette addict just wanting to smoke. Well, just another day closer I suppose.

Besides the heartwarming chinese food and the crowded shopping malls, it was very much usual. My sister totally and abandoned that Pacific Mall trip for another time after new years. So we bought some cards for her Munchkin collection and just played with them until I left. Overall, it wasn’t as eventful as I hoped.

So what’s up with day 3? Well, I plan on buying some vegetable and some meat and make some good food. I wanted to at least learn a recipe or two. Maybe prep some meat for the dehydrator since my sister will be out for a week and I can do that while I’m there. I can’t wait to make some beef jerky by myself. Anyone else know any good uses for a dehydrator? Share recipe ideas in the comments, I would love to know if there’s anything awesome I can do with beef or the dehydrator. That would probably consume about a week or so; hopefully with better results than last time. Though I was the guinea pig/quality assurance for the first batch.

Maybe wrote more poems or start a short story, I may want to get to one of those. I really do enjoy writing for certain people just to give them joy; one of the many emotions I never really have in my life, which in fact sucks epically on an epic scale of epic-ness.

Well I’m pretty stoked about that considering I have 10 days to make a large batch of beef jerky. I like beef jerky; on top of many other things. Ha! I’m rambling again, it always happens. Anyways, I’m going to get a snack at two in the morning and roam around WordPress for stories and such.

Until tomorrow, readers!!!