Glossary Of Game Terms

Here is a list of all sorts of glossary of terms taken from experience. These range from common terminology, uncommon based genre and rare community based terms.

This is not listed in any way and is only formatted in this procedure:
term/other terms – part of speech; meaning. “Example, if need.”

This is an ongoing project, feel free to email me any suggestions or revisions about this page.

To find a term, Ctrl+F to bring up your search function and type in the term you wish to look up.

Glossary (Last Update: 14 Mar 2012)
Noob/nub/n00b – noun,adj; person with skill equal or less than a novice.
Newb/newbie – noun,adj; a novice, new to the game.
gg – good game, to signify end of match or grouping.
gj – good job
ns – nice shot
wb – welcome back, greeting after someone is away, reply to someone who returned from “afk” or “brb” state.
brb – be right back, used to state temporary inactivity or non-responsive behaviour while online
afk – away from keyboard, used to state long duration of inactivity
sq – noun; “squad”, applicable for party and group
party/group/team – noun,verb; party of a small collective for a temporary period for short term goals
lfm/lfg – looking for member/looking for group, used to announce search for particular member or group
wtt/wts/wtb – wanting to trade/wanting to sell/wanting to buy, used to announce consent to conduct transaction for items listed
tank – noun,verb,adj.; ability to withstand damage
dps – damage per second
hot – heals over time, skill which passively heal automatically over a duration
dot – damage over time, skill which passively inflicts damage over a duration
gt – good try
n1 – nice one
woot/woop – celebratory exclamation
fb – “fall back” or “facebook”
fleet/guild – permanent organization of players with similar long term goals
op – verb,adj.; overpower, description of ability or item to be well above expected limitations with very little weaknesses
nerf – verb,adj.; ability or item to be well under the limitations with very few strengths
ss – noun; screenshot, picture of current visual display
aoe – noun; area of effect, damage or heals cast within a given area
coc – noun; chain of command, form of guild organization
UI – noun; user interface, whole visual display to provide accessibility to systems
HUD – noun; heads-up-display, immediate display for priority statistics and information
P2W – noun,verb,adj.; pay to win, subscription/cash shop provides larger benefits than playing alone
QTE – noun; quick time event, action requiring speed and precision to effectively complete sucessfully