T6i & Canon Things

Awhile ago, I went to a local auction and purchased myself a used T6. For the longest time, I’ve been sitting on it in my drawer with a universal charger. The past couple months I’ve changed up and started using it. More for out of familiarity than for the photos, however this is growing on me.

There isn’t must difference between the the T5 and the T6i. But the convenience of some of the settings are a bit more obvious which helps with setting up the shot. After using the flip-tilt screen, I feel I can get better shots than I could with the viewfinder. But I still feel so comfy with the optical viewfinder. Since the first time I tried using the camera, I turned off the wi-fi feature where I have access to some of the camera functions on the phone. The turn off is I have to save things into JPEG to view on the phone. I’m a RAW format kind of guy, I like to have the flexibility to edit in post. As much as I aim for in-camera, nothing beats really tweaking the photo to match what I really see.

I think the T5 might have gotten me into photography but the T6i is definitely turning me into a gearhead. I’m starting to really dial in what I like; the articulated screen, ergonomics and the compatibility for a wireless shutter release. The hard thing to buy into is it burns through the battery a bit quick compared to my T5. I may never own a T7 which could be the last DSLR I could possibly own, but I’m pretty happy with the T6i.

Because I bought it a bit used and abused, I just have a few things that make me twitch. Through the viewfinder I can see a tiny crack or something and it makes me obsessed about it. Probably because of the lens changes, I feel it gets dirt in itself a bit easily. But it is inherent in any interchangeable lens system. Mitigation and not elimination to dirt and dust.

Some cool news though is Canon might be announcing the 90D, which is a bit of an enthusiast’s camera. From all the articles bouncing around, it sounds like something up my alley besides being a mirrorless body. I like looking through the viewfinder but I find it annoying to turn on the camera just to use the viewfinder. However they’re still offering newer and better cameras with the EF and EF-S lens mount. At first I liked the look of the EOS R and I might at some point look into getting one. Just to claim I have a full frame. I hate the idea of buying a camera to have to purchase an adapter to all my lenses from the same manufacturer. Like if I came across a Nikon body, then maybe an adapter for the my Canon lens. Though I might just sell my system which I won’t really do. I’m pretty happy with the Canon product line besides feeling I possess an obsolete lens mount. RF or EF? I still feel there is much life in the EF mount.


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