Movie Theatres, am I right?

So this past March and this April, I have a few movies I want to see in theatre. Not just at a Cineplex or big massive, multi-theatre cinema.

I’ve always enjoyed the tight intimacy of small cinema, those places that seat under a hundred people. That place where it feels like your parents met there in some romantic comedic serendipity. But I love it, I like sitting in a dark room and looking at these actors play out scenes from our inner desires. Love, compassion, companionship, belonging or longing; just some of these things I wish I had ample of in my life. It’s almost otherworldly yet down to earth.

Nowadays, it’s kind of hard to find a place that plays movies beyond the expanse of Hollywood. However there are gems beyond the blockbusters, beyond Marvel and DC even. I recent did take the opportunity to see Captain Marvel at the very end of it’s premiere week. Pro tip for anyone to avoid crowds, go to any hyped movie after the premiere week when it first comes out and go late and during the week (also avoid matinees though the tickets are super cheap). Worthy little show for anyone who wants a superhero movie. Though the Marvel Cinematic Universe is starting to be more of lip service to the fans than really making something different. Though Capt. Marvel was a bit of the exception, giving a couple gender swapped characters. A bit of relief though it felt more of the same ride I’ve been on with Ironman and Spiderman.

After a few days I went back to my favoured cinema-of-choice. This time going from female character standing up for herself to a female character with a terminal illness. Five Feet Apart. I would say it was The Fault In Our Stars but harder to watch (in a good way). The characters are inclusive, a bit dimensional but played into fun scenarios. However at the same time, the hurting feeling as two patients find their way to express their romantic interest. I’m a sucker for teen romance dramas, something about them makes me want to feel how they feel in those moments. The happy moments were so youthful and bright but when it got serious, it built up hard where you keep thinking “not like this”. I’ve cried during a few films, it’s been awhile. However this one…this was a near miss to making me bawl my eyes out. More interestingly, after the last scene I was compelled to look up the dedication. Simply read “For Claire” with a young girl’s photo, I wanted to know more. Quick Google search, I was surprised to find more. After that I want to listen to everything this girl had to say on her YouTube. Someone who died months ago is still changing the hearts out there. She made me think of myself in a new light and I want to try and be a better person for now on. Who knew a movie can really change me like this.

Next on the list, DC’s Shazam! Marvel had their chance so I’m giving DC a shot beyond the childhood known heroes. I’ve honestly never heard of Shazam so it’s a good chance to see it. Also gives me the chance to expose myself to new comic book superheroes. After seeing these, I’m totally done with heroes. I’ll give it a shot.


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