What’s old is new…

It’s been fairly stale in terms TV shows I’m following. Ever since I lost interest in The Big Bang Theory, I’ve been just watching YouTube and going to the cinema.

This fall has been the coolest time however, coolest yet conflicting. Started off with news of the Mythbusters coming back after their small competition show to find the next duo. So far I’ve seen a few episodes and I’m fairly on the fence about it. IT really makes references back to the first 10 seasons of Mythbusters and the pair doesn’t really stand out as personalities when they follow a shadow. I still like science experiments and explosions so I’ll keep watching until the they find their footing.

Since I heard the fan film Axanar was taken down, I felt kind of empty about the Trek franchise. The universe J.J. Abrams tried to weave with a new cast and an altered universe made me somewhat nervous if there was ever going to be a prime universe Trek. When I found Axanar, I was excited. Now to present day Discovery and Axanar will never see the light of day. The TV show is Trek in the sense it’s diverse especially having an openly gay couple and lots of species never heard before. However it doesn’t feel like it fits before the 5-year voyage of the Enterprise in The Original Series. I’m going to still watch even though it’s a terrible way to introduce the Klingon-Federation war.

Interestingly, Seth Macfarlane’s The Orville feels like the closest thing to Trek but with a Family Guy vibe with all the jokes. I enjoyed what’s happened on far and has addressed a lot of human issues in a Trek-like way. I’m quite unsure if I like either more.

On the horizon, I’m hearing things about a prequel to Stargate. I’m curious though I wish Stargate Universe would return.


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