Well it’s almost Christmas 2016, close to it by this blog. Looking back on old articles and posts I’ve written on here, I can’t help feel a solemn peace. A peace I have never felt in so long. Been too busy to care, moving too fast to stop, digging in but not looking up. I might have said this plenty in the past but it seems every year (at least once in the year), I can feel I’m really to relax a bit.

I seem to either be working, playing video games or looking for more work; never do I have the time to sit and see the path I’ve paved for myself. Those long lost letters I’ve kept which I never sent, the posts and status updates dug up from my past. Surely digital networks keep me in the loop about everything horrible in the world. In the end, this network isn’t the network I’ve been needing in my life. The network I’ve been looking for is from within me and what I can do right for people. The positive qualities I’ve forgotten are now rediscovered; listening, critical thinking, empathy, compassion. I’ve forgotten all about me that it feels quite alien to know this is the person I am. I’m starting to believe in a truth; the internet can being us close, but it can distance us away from who we are in terms of self-identity.

That truth echoes from the people I’ve met who put themselves into that internet culture. When they’re not on their phones, they act like normal people. Social media and an “always online” culture is turning us into terrible people. It doesn’t mean we should go cold turkey; just moderate the time we spend.

In the end, time is all we have and we will never have more of it.



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