Another Bad Day

This week has been something. My employer needed a few guys to commit to a few days of work, I was happily volunteered. However as much I enjoy working, there are people I with which I don’t want to near. I think every able body person who has or is employed experienced “that one coworker”. I really have no where to vent my frustration so right now at 5 in the morning on my garbage pail of a blog is as super as it gets.

For the sake of anonymity, let’s call him Hank (“Hank…..Grill”, come on it’s a good reference). So this guy has two part time jobs I know of, this and something else unimportant to my frustration. The fact most of the time I’ve seen him show up to these things, he’s either late or not dressed for work. Usually normal people come to work early to change or come to work dressed appropriately, right? I usually do either, come an hour early to dress or dress at home and go to work. That’s a minor thing, Hank has more up his sleeve. Not only he dresses at work right when we’re starting work, he dresses right in the middle of the hallway with his stuff crammed into a bag. I don’t know about you, but my workplace does have rules about where and when you take off your clothes. As much as this hallway is usually unused, it’s still visible and could be misconstrued as sexual harassment if you have your pants down. I turn the corner and all I see is Hank changing, accidental and also the fact I had to enter a door right where he was changing. After he changed, he told me he could report me for sexual harassment. It’s only 20 minutes into my workday, I’m already threatened and harassed by this tardy creature.

By lunch, I’ve managed to complete my work in relative seclusion. Tip my hat for my ADHD for keeping me in line to finish everything and starting the afternoon’s workload. The afternoon that day was perhaps the greatest test of my patience and a field test of situational and anger management skills. Now Hank in the middle of the day is looking over my shoulder telling me what to do. “Hey man, can you work faster?”, “I think you should do it like this.”, “Here let me do this.” Now I’ll go on why I don’t like him saying that last phrase. To put things into perspective, let’s have the standard model of a corporate or company ladder. New guys on the bottom rung, then the manager, execs, and CEO’s up top. This guy and I are on the same rung, meaning he can’t tell me what to do as a fellow coworker. He can advise me but he was insistent and invasive, a few times getting close to my personal space. And Hank’s work ethic is fairly satisfactory, he just gets his work done. Quality and person who completes it varies. I’m not saying Hank is lazy, just if he shut his pie hole and focused on the task at hand then perhaps I don’t have to cover his work. Which comes to “here let me do this”, there have been occasions where I had to let him do things. Whether it’s in front of my manager or I thought he had insight when I first met him, in reality the blunt end came down on my end if the work was my responsibility. Therefore I don’t trust Hank or anyone else to pull my weight, if I don’t complete it then it’s my responsibility.

Two days of this! Two days! Day one I came home and shut myself out from the world. Second day when I showed up, I was emotionally numb inside. Hank’s got an ego and a narcissistic personality and he power trips and manipulate anyway he can to abdicate his workload onto others. This post itself is me putting it lightly because I want to tell you, my loyal readers, this message:

As I kid, I never wanted to work. Now I found a job I enjoy, I wouldn’t want it anymore from my employment (maybe money, but money isn’t much of an issue right now). I think with my experience working with Hank, I feel it completes what I think people caught in bad employment feel. I understand why you hate those days and you hate being there, you can’t escape the pain and it’s almost torture. You do it any ways because you have to, there is no choice since money is what you need for everything else. I understand you have things you have to achieve and these are the risks to your reward. I get you and I don’t pity you. I like my job but I can’t say the same to you, I respect you because you live in your nightmare of your doing. I say, fight on regardless how tired and scarred you are; you can get through this even if it means one more day, one more task. I’m proud of you, gentle being. I know you have a Hank at your workplace and perhaps more but you can make this job work. Good luck to you!


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