The Bad Days, The Best Days

We have had a few rough days at our lives, those who deny it are lying to themselves. Day to day, our actions are the sum of the experiences. I wish I could say we should all have happy and care-free lives, however after recent events in my life I’m starting to think we should have just a few bad days.

Recently while I was packing for a long work weekend, the weather was fluctuating between a damp spring morning and a cold frosty winter. April as ambiguous the weather was, I packed for a mildly warm and damp spring. When I arrived to my work site, I noticed snow was an inch thick and felt like the middle of January back home. Even though I was not prepared to bear the wind chill, I did enjoy my weekend. Admittedly, I did to learn I should pack for any and every temperature change. As hard and difficult my life was for a few brief days, it was a learning experience.

I think it’s just the learning experience; learn to fail. In it’s bad day, there is something to earn from it turning it into a good day. There are days where days are just terrible which never get better; most of the time, it’s going to be a good day regardless.


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