The Next Step

Recently, I’ve been given a talk about life goals. In my entire life, I have been given talks from every person I’ve met about life choices and things about my life. Telling me what to do and where to go, recently though I had a good talk that helped me a lot more.

A co-worker began asking me some of the deepest questions about my life, goals and livelihood. At my age, we saw a polarity. I’m still figuring things out while he has a bit more training and experience behind him. As we talked, I realized I haven’t in a long time to change myself. Ever since my teens, I’ve been just stuck here; physically and mentally. I haven’t improve much of my life. Still stuck in my hour in a large city, still waiting for the day when I can move out and live in a place I want to proudly own. I’m still stuck here.

What am I going to do about it now? To start, I’m realizing what I need to do. My room over the past decade has meandered between well maintained and a well maintained pile of clothes and papers. So I’m going to be taking stock, I’m going to donate the clothes I don’t need, clean my room entirely and sort and donate all the things I don’t need. It’s a tough order since there are a lot of odds and ends littered in my room. I am hopeful by the end of the week I will clean out my room, donate my unused clothes and buy a new wardrobe.

As much as I want a new computer, it might have to wait until I sort things out. As for my channel, less will be put out while I try and find my own way and my own style.


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