Day 30 – To The Future


Finally we’re at the end of this challenge, I must admit I missed a day and overshot the deadline by a month. Regardless, we are here with the 30th day which also happens to land on Christmas. So happy holidays and hope you are with friends or doing something to keep the day rolling.

At the moment, I think my blog is going to follow me through different moods and hobbies in the future. I have nothing really set up but as things change and how I feel, I will slowly document them in this follow. Of course for all you that have been here and are joining in, it’s going to be a gradual change. Topics will jump around and depending how I feel, it could be a happy post or sad post; maybe even an angry post to even things out!

These couple months have been kind of a test to see if you guys like to have random topics. If you guys like it, let me know in the comments what topics I should cover.

Future of this blog is in our hands, we can both shape it together. For those long time readers, thank you for dropping in and checking in. For those new to this space, welcome and don’t mind the clutter!


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