Day 28 – Embarrassing Moment


It’s kind of hard to think of an embarrassing moment in my life worth sharing; either they’re too personal or way too embarrassing to share. Everyone’s threshold for embarrassment is different. However I do have something to share while we’re on the topic of embarrassment.

Most commonly I get embarrassed when in conversation with someone and the topic leads into territory where I cannot necessarily contribute to the conversation. I do like the occasional banter but there are times when someone mouths off into a zone where I feel uncomfortable to add, in the end I have no way of backing up or continue forward. Recently it has happened well more than a few times and I feel like I have little to no information to provide so I do my best to provide a generic and neutral answer.

Conversations as great as they are, sometimes turns into more of an intellectual sword fight than small talk. As much as I like both, I don’t really like one turning into the other. My brain is not a wikipedia, nor a reddit. My brain is my own and I choose what I need when I need it. So I am sorry to those strangers I’ve encountered I could’ve give you a straight answer. Sometimes I can’t really give you an opinion because I don’t know or I can’t tell you because of other reasons, that is how life works and I hope it doesn’t offend you.


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