Day 26 – Talents


I have never consider myself having any talent, I would even consider the phrase “a talentless hack” to be a complement at times. Talent in my frame of mind is an skill only a few possess. The few who acquire this skill through experience than learning academically. Perhaps talent has a bit of intrinsic value. To me, talent should be something remarkable and meaningful to a few.

Anyone can say they have talent. I wouldn’t say I’m an extraordinary writing, but 210 of you guys would disagree. I’m not a bright person, though I sometimes think of some good ideas. I don’t possess the ability to create earthly elements from my hands; except for fire, if I have a lighter. I’m not a musician, my virgin guitar in my basement would be proof of this. I’m an average gamer at best, could’ve gone pro if my parents didn’t hold me back (okay, maybe amateur or a popular YouTuber at best). So what can this talentless hack do that can be extraordinary?

Recently I went to a Christmas dinner; as much eating and drinking was involved, I stay to the late hours. Everyone was hammered and I was buzzed myself, but I stayed behind with some of the remaining guests and talked until I was ready to leave. As much as I was told I can leave after the dinner, I stayed behind to enjoy myself. I didn’t stay behind to drink or anything, I just stayed behind the people were there I would consider are kind of like family. I really did it out of loyalty, I’m not much of a drinker and I was still hungry after the dinner too.

While I was there, I sat there and listened to a lot of people talking about themselves. Most of the time for hours, sitting there with beer in hand and and open ear. Passing some small talk and just talking to the people I work with; people have some interesting things to say, advice to be given.

The oddest thing is my talent as mundane as they are, they are talents we could all have within us year round. Compassion and loyalty to others seems to be sparse outside of social circles. Whether it is the sign of the times, the world this Christmas is closing into itself rather than working towards something open and incredible.


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