Day 23 – Lottery


In the essence of odds and luck I haven’t won anything particular, cash nor gifts. Every “free” thing I’ve received was earned or came as a deal. When someone offers me “free money”, I get mildly suspicious because I have not won it ever.

However this blog is the what if scenario of if I did. To preface, the money would have to substantial. When I was a kid, a million dollars was something grand and would seem to sustain you for the rest of your life. As an adult, it doesn’t seem quite the case. The stipulation for the money would be it would be a sum that would allow me to not work for a long time.

Even with such an amount, I would try my best to make the money count. As boring as it sounds, I would try and put it into stocks and bonds. Risk a bit more and see if I can get just a bit more out of it. As for the rest of it, I would try and spend it on things I would need in the future. Like buy a nice place to live, pay the bills and try and use the money to enjoy myself. I do like recording gameplay on my computer so I might consider buying a better computer and getting a better ISP to upload and stream gameplay when I’m not working.

I would trade away the Lamborghini and mullion dollar mansions for a small house and custom computer. Still making a wage while doing what I like doing.


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