Day 22 – Worst Habits


I’ve been really good with maintaining my gaming habits. For the past few years, it’s been kind of trying going from playing for half a day to just only a few hours a day with a maximum of just 24 hours in the week.

Though I don’t account for every minute of it, I do my best to limit myself to just a few hours a day. It’s either spent playing or recording video and editing. To be honest, making it feel like a bit of work is helpful since it’s turning me away from video games while letting me continue to play. However there are still days where I would go the entire day playing video games rather than doing something productive or recording. I’m still on the fence whether I have succeeded or failed; only time will tell.

Aside from the addictive qualities in my life, I would say a have some common habits like procrastination, junk food connoisseur,and a bit of a sugar fiend.


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