Day 21 – Sadness


Of course throughout our existence, we feel some of the strongest and profound emotions. Sadness could be the most profound. Sadness is exposure to vulnerability.

I have much to say about sadness. I felt those moments of loss and the fleeting moments when everything slips away. Heartbreak can be a sadness we will all endure, a pure and fondest. There have been some deep moments in my life where the sadness generated has shaped me to who I am in this very moment. The loss of the right job, the right woman in my life, the separation of family; these are intimate fragments can bring  a manic teen into tears. In the shards and ashes, there is always a rebirth; rebuilding to something better than what you once had.

Disappointment is much like sadness, knowing something isn’t right and the result isn’t what your expected. It’s a humbling emotion because as you move to your later  years, everything numbs to where disappointment is hardly felt in a strong way. Well, that’s how it feels for me.

As hard as sadness and disappointment can put you down; remember, you are human. As a human, you can come back stronger and tougher than you started out. For where there is loss and sadness, there is something to fight for and gain.


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