Day 15 – In 5 years…


It’s pretty hard to know where I will be in the next 5 years. However there are a few things I would like to have happen in the next five years.

First thing I would like to do is have a steady job. Employment is something that is big to me since I would like something to do with my life. Having something to do that’s fulfilling and can pay off my bills would help a lot.

Next big thing would be taking that money and having a place of my own. It would be kind of nice to have a place to myself where I can do my own thing and have space to do a lot more. Doesn’t have to be a house at first, but I would like it to be just a place where it’s nice in a friendly neighbourhood. I wouldn’t mind a couple roommates  as well as long as we can all get along together. With a place like that, I would like to either own it or pay really cheap rent.

Though not a lot of people I know have this problem, but I’m lacking social interaction. There are very few people I talk to personally but I would like to have a more active social life. Not much of a drinker myself but just things happening at least once a week the most.

I think with all this, it would be mostly comfortable living. I’m not asking for making a lot of money or popularity, all I want is a humble and comfortable existence. However 5 years is still a long ways away, let’s just hope the days until then keep positive.


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