Day 14 – Fitness

Sorry I missed yesterday’s post schedule, I had to record some video for my gaming channel on YouTube. It spiralled out of control really quickly. Got to love the time consuming quality of video games.

I admit recently with all the video games I’ve been recording and editing, I haven’t found the time to really work out. I tried my best to keep my regime for 5 months, but recently I officially broke regime. I have not had anyone approach me asking for health advice. If they did I think the top three advice I would give is to maintain a schedule, have a variable routine and be motivated.

The schedule doesn’t have to be dead on but if you’re sitting down a lot or not moving, going to the gym about 2 or 3 times a day would help keep you active. This is dependent on how much food you consume. In my mind, I think all the energy consumed should be burned off. If not all, then most of the food should be burned off through exercise. Just 2 or 3 one hour sessions a week for me is pretty good.

In terms of what to do for an hour, keep it different every time. If it doesn’t feel like work, you will enjoy it. Sometimes for me I switch between a bit of lifts and crossfit. Some times I go half and half, then there are days I just try something new. Don’t fall into the trap of doing one thing over and over until you achieve results.

Motivation is the reason why people back out of new years resolutions. Some people make those resolutions to get fit and give up two months later because it was an impulse at the time to go to the gym. To maintain motivation, positive thinking helps a lot. Encourage yourself to do one more rep or set, listen to music, bring supportive friends, just anything to get you working out.

Until next time, get out there and get fit because you can do it.


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