Day 10 – Best Trip?


I have only travelled once outside my city and country. It was a few years ago, I travelled to Massachusetts to visit a friend. It was definitely memorable for the fact I’ve done a lot of things I have never done.

First being travelling to another country, true it’s only next to my country but another country no less. I spent time in a small town in the middle of no where. I went to my first concert and happily, it was a Paramore concert.

Aside from that trip, my part time job has me travel on occasions. Nothing real worthy to note, however it’s been the only place I have ever seen all the stars in the sky without the light pollution. Travelling home form there feels peaceful as rural lands wisp by the passenger window.

I would like to travel across my country and perhaps back to the United States when I can. For now, I’ll stay at home travelling the world through the Internet.


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