Day 8 – 5 Current Goal

I am surprised I’ve managed to keep this up for the past week. Surprising is the range of difficulty some of these topics. However, let’s get on to my current goals.

I am not much of a goal setter. I usually don’t plan for anything and improvise everything. Somethings I do well to prepare myself but when it comes to planning to complete goals is something I’m never good at because I am and will never be a completionist. Rather than focusing into one thing, I like to spread out and find my personal worth in skills. Instead of going to school to learning a skill to fit in, I want to learn those skills through experience and if I like to participate then I would have found one of many things I can do. Though I don’t have goals, there are some aspirations I have for my life. The question of whether I will have or not have these aspirations is another thing.

  1. I would like to have a steady job I like doing. It’s not about making money, but a job I can feel most productive in, something I like to contribute towards, and the wage I earn can pay for all the things I need; food, shelter and entertainment.
  2. I would like to have a place to call my own. A nice condo or a house in the city, the unfortunate circumstance is living in the city raises the cost of living. Property is expensive and owning a house would take a lot of planning and money. However if played right, there is so much diverse food choices. I spent a month north and I realize I sometimes take food for granted here.
  3. If I were to live anywhere now, I would have to get a car. In the city, you are limited to how far you can walk or where public transit can take you. Though I do have an expiring G1 (my learner’s permit), I never fully committed to getting my full G license to drive. The only reason is I wanted to get my license was to carry an ID. Now that it’s expiring, I might just consider on getting an ID card rather can a license of some sort. Back to the idea of a car, it would be nice to drive and find some neat spots around the city where I can watch the sunsets in the summer. Maybe do some road trips by myself or with someone.
  4. Speaking of someone, I would like to have someone special in my life. I want to share my life with someone. There are so many things which are best spent with someone you care about and enjoy their company. I’ve went out and had dinner alone, went to the movie as just myself, walked and shopped alone. The experience is so mundane and boring alone yet it could be more interesting if I had someone to share the moment.
  5. Happiness is something mostly spoken about, but only a handful experience it for a long time. The longest time I was ever happy was about a year. I felt just comfortable with myself and with how everything was going. At the moment, I feel a bit neutral. Not so happy, not so sad; I just know I could do better. I would like to be happy and comfortable with my life rather than worrying. I just want to pick up my head up and look around feeling good.

As you can tell, I have much to go  before anything on here will happen.


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