Day 5 – Proudest Moment

As pathetic as it sounds, my proudest moment was in Team Fortress 2. Under the achievements there is one where I had to accumulate 1,000,000 fire damage as the Pyro class. Meaning the other person has to burn in order to count as “fire damage”. I believe at the time I found the initial hit from the flamethrower didn’t count as fire damage, but as long as I lit the other person on fire it would start the counter. At first before TF2 went free to play, it was slow going when I tried to earn the achievement. Over time the game developers added more and more weapons and features which brought more players into the game. For the single achievement, it took me over 460 hours to earn it. At the time I was fairly proud of it since it was a long achievement to earn. Also playing as the Pyro was difficult since it was the DPS was slow at first. It was difficult but in the end, I am the few of the few that have received the achievement. Which what achievements should be, right?

I have never won anything in my life, at least nothing worth noting. If I did, I would like it to be in money. If it was an achievement, I think it should be something worthwhile. Perhaps saving someone’s life or have done some extraordinary. I don’t have to be the first, but the few of the few.

Though there are a few mentions if they are not achievements. Firstly, I spent half of my life playing video games and soon I can say I spent the majority playing video games. I spent the past few years writing here in my humble blog and I like to thank each and every one of you for following and liking.

As unremarkable as my life is, I guess there are moments worth living.


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