Day 4 – Dream Job


Surely every child had dreams and aspirations for their careers. Over time those dreams seem to be replaced with more realistic dreams and compromises.

As a child, I went for the really typical choices. At first I wanted to be a cop, this was like around primary school where you can dress up and run around. It was a weird time since our teacher didn’t allow toy guns nor pointing a finger around like a gun. That dream (because of the teacher) died pretty quick. When I was older I actually thought about it; however realizing my city isn’t a nice and polite place for police, I moved on quickly.

Sometime later but still in primary school, I desired to be an astronaut. Something about being up there floating is kind of cool and exciting. Back then I had the illusion of space travel from Star Trek that we ride on fast ships and having cool gadgets and gizmos to help along the adventure. Unfortunately that’s not the case, however in the back of my mind ever since high school I’ve had an interest in being a colonist of a distant world. I would like to be the idea of being on the frontier where I could be the very few people to see a far away world with my very own eyes.

In high school, I started to look into jobs and career paths which would suit my values in a job and career. For high school, I tried to do a lot with learning history. As boring as learning western history, it made me realize a lot of people died in the name of land and country. Though some were selfless in helping others, some died loyal to a cause. To me I guess they embodied some of the values I wanted in my life. As dangerous as the military sounded at the time, I wanted to join the military as a career path at the time. However obligations held me down to schooling so I carried away from something that seemed so right at the time.

Now closer to today and now, what do I want to do and what am I qualified to do? I know for sure the past decade and more I have been playing video games. Though unprofessionally and not for sport, I think there should be something in there that should merit me in something that has video games involved. I wouldn’t mind play testing games for a living, streaming video games or even making my YouTube channel somehow pay for my expenses. All three are a long stretch but I have little to no determination to earn money through view counts. As amazing an idea sounds, I am limited to my equipment and services provided to me.

Since high school as I said before, I would like to seek out and opportunity with the military and even if it’s just a decade or a life long commitment. I’m not sure how I would carry it out and where it will take me, but I know as long as I put some effort in I could find it rewarding in helping other.

Tomorrow is always a brand new day and a field of new  opportunities. All I have to do is dig up the entire field for something I want to do in this world.


One thought on “Day 4 – Dream Job

  1. I remember when I was a bit younger I wanted to be a vet…. But I’m not sure if I’m cut out for it. I wouldn’t do well under emergency situations.

    Interesting post 🙂

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