Day 3 – Quotes


Quotes to me are fragments of wisdom people want to remember. They are the lessons learned, the hard fought battles, the bits of an entire story. The entirety of an experience summed into an odd sentence. Usually catchy and wise; however I never found a good quote that would help me in my life. Nothing seems utterly relevant than sticks to my being.

For this post, I’ve spent a solid hour searching for a quote. Though some were fascinating, all of them seemed like something I wouldn’t necessarily quote. Of all the scholars and athletes, from philosophers to thespians, I cannot in the life of me find something worth quoting for myself.

Though in the laundry list, I can see tomorrow will be more productive than today’s entry. I can feel safely honest yet saddened I couldn’t place a quote for you guys. If the world had something to say, it has already been said. If not once then many times over and I don’t think it would make me any more enlightened.

Like this post, this too shall pass.


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