Day 1 – And So It Begins

Since this upcoming month, my work schedule will be lighter than the past few months, I think I will give you guys (and gals) a gift. Starting with this blog, I’m going to do one of these 30 day blog challenges I’ve seen popping up here and there. I might as well give it a shot; however a few stipulations if you folks want follow along.

First being no photos. I am not a photogenic person. Also I got shot in the face while playing airsoft this past weekend so I have this huge red blood clot on my cheek.

Second is of course bits of personal information. There are things left a mystery and for the world to never know. I try and do that when I blog and this is no except.

From my Google search, this will be my list:


Day one, my blog’s name. For those who missed Allahweh’s podcast, I have a few names I go by in cyberspace. When I first started to make my appearance online, I would be playing video games; specially FPS games. As a result, I needed a callsign or handle so people can call me rather than “xXxNoobSlayer137651xXx”. At the time I only thought of something between a word followed by a number. To this day in some games especially when there is no RPG aspects involved, I would name myself “Shooter-90”. Which combines my birth year and favorite genre. As I expressed outward from my first game, the “90” became more of a birth year. As a kid, I like the design of modern firearms. To this day, I marvel at the beauty of the P90 by Fabrique Nationale. In a lot of Korean exported shooters, my name use to represent the amount of rounds I would expend before death, which was usually around 90 rounds. I use to be a run and gun kind of guy. Now I would say I’m a bit on the fence what I can in terms of a shooter.

Generically, I go by the name nawkcire. Don’t think too hard about it guys, write it out and just look at it and you will figure out the secret. The only time this has failed me to keep a distance was Habbo Hotel or when I use to play it anyways. However it did give my a cooler nickname among my peers, “nawky”. It was cool at the time.

Hopefully I can finish the list. That would be pretty amazing to complete it!


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