Fallout Foresight

During the summer, I started a gameplay series on my YouTube channel. At first, I thought starting Fallout: New Vegas would be a neat game for a series. However now I’m at the point of no return.

The long distance I’ve traveled, the few games of Caravan, the people I’ve shot in game, the quests completed, I starting to think New Vegas is a wash. I know completing the game is doable, however completing the story is difficult when I am stacked with quests. Unsure of the main story quest, I am paranoid I might be playing side quests until my Pipboy empties until there is one solid direction.

In this way, it makes me think about how my life has gotten me here at this point. High school was a drag and I was unsure what I would like to do with my future. I spent days in a classroom to only finish a course to move onto the next. Tomorrow unknowing what will be, but it one direction I have to move – forward. Who said video games never taught you anything?

Perhaps I should finish what I started. Not only should I finish my Fallout: New Vegas playthrough, but I should do what I can for myself to better my life. I do work out but I don’t socialize with others, I see myself a bit of a recluse with my video games as my escape.

Like I said, who said video games never taught you anything?


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