Bit by bit.

“This is hard.” Three words to surmise every challenge we will or have ever back away and approached.  Especially when I was young, I felt really defeated because a lot of people said I was not smart, strong or cunning.  As much as “you are the best you you can be” mentality  can try and keep me, it’s only a short time before I get shot down again. Life can be accumulation of all my accomplishments and achievements; now I’m a tad older and wiser, I think it’s best to say not all those are someone’s expectations.

Awhile back, someone sent me a book about overcoming odds which has helped me piece together how I felt. In many ways, it has answered some questions I had about myself. Though I’m not much of a reader, I held onto every word to the next page. What has taught me I wish I had as a teenager, I can only wish I was a teen again and guide myself. In the book, it spoke of small steps to achieve bigger goals and thinking in new ways to change the perspective on a subject. As a trouble teen, I had a lot of problems with homework. Both the load of it and the deadlines worried me. Growing up in a household where completing all your work to the best of your skill was cherished more than sleep. As an adult now, I look back that most of all I did wouldn’t have mattered. All the lost time and opportunities have brought me here with this pessimistic hindsight. In the end of high school, impossibilities and improbabilities kept me so low I was ready to give up. There were days I must admit, I wanted to walk away from it all and forget it. I lost my way to only find it.

The whole things in life are impossible if you think of them as whole pieces. It is definitively difficult to see yourself in the future. We give ourselves the goals we sometimes will never achieve, but in all honesty all challenges can be met and our own goals can be accomplished. Rather than thinking in a whole term, the end goal, the final draft of a novel; perhaps smallest of terms, the next hour goal or just a page of a draft. In time the accumulation of the smallest of things can amount to bigger goals. Those bigger goals will snowball in to even larger goals before reaching to the final result.

In mathematics, we break down the formulas to plug in data. From that data we solve the small portions to what we know and what we have substituted. In the end we get the answer to the formula. Better yet think of bigger things like a desktop computer. At the smallest component, we have capacitors and processors, alone they are not much but metals and synthetic material. As you link them accordingly, you build a connection. Connect many connections together to make a circuit board and those circuit boards make a computer that can calculate and predict, can entertain and inform; get a bunch of computers together and you achieved something one lowly capacitor can do alone, connect humanity all around the world.

Another example is us; humans! As organic beings we are made of a lot of things, but it would feel impossible to know that only a few elements could  create something so large. Atoms to form molecules, molecules create chains, chains to form cells, those cells build specific organs which is an ensemble of us. Small steps to bigger and better things.

When you feel down and you think you can do it anymore, think of all the small things. You may be small, but you can affect so big things if you only did small things.


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