Saying Sorry.

Memories. For some are easier to make or hold on to while some are the contrary. Regardless, memories are the artifacts of our past. Some are indelible than others; we are marked from life to death to our wins and losses, successes and sorrows, the riches and poverty. In our lives on Earth, we have the potential to touch the lives of at least one person. This is a fact whether you avoid all contact with people or you are the most sociable of people, you will leave an impact whether you realize it or not. The toughest part I would think is admittance to failure to meet their expectations; we either will stack up or disappoint them. If not this, then put simply is whether we leave positively or negatively.

Like many philosophers, scientists and poet before me have said, we live in one point in the universe. We the billions in concert inhabit a period within the middle of a paragraph of an essay. Upon this essay, we are surrounded by many essays within anthology of anthologies on a bookstack to belong to one Dewey decimal value. Contained within a library, many of which like it; we are the dot. A period some young folks won’t realize, is powerful in itself. It’s the alpha and omega of sentence structure. We are no different than the grammatical period. We can start and end life on this planet – we create and destroy. We decide the fates of ourselves and others on the daily. Without realizing you will look away or offer to help, the impact is the same; positive or negative. For the things we have the opportunity to go back to, we apologize with same word. Sorry. “Sorry, I couldn’t be there”, “sorry, I wish I could help”, “sorry”. Sorry is an easy word when we admit mistake and are able to negate it. However sometimes “sorry” isn’t enough. There are actions in this world we cannot forgive in one simple word. “Sorry I had to fire you because of budget”, “sorry I shot your son with my pistol”, “sorry I gassed and killed millions”. Would you forgive the people who said these words? “Sorry” to me is mute, shows little remorse and laziness to admittance. Whether you are sincere or not, “sorry” is unacceptable; no phrase would change those actions you have deliberately taken. We hear it too much on the daily, it’s hard to forgive someone right off with a simple “sorry”.

Regardless the offence, “sorry” will never overshadow personal reformation. The actions you take to show the world you are different than you were before, hopefully changed for the better. You are the person you want to be, terrible as you are the future is just beyond. In its infinite possibilities and infinite places you can put your period, but the only time you can start is to end. Likely many of you, we should think about those who hurt and be reminded that no apology can ever change what you did to them but we can start something so no one can or will ever be in that situation ever again. Perhaps this would be the change to make us better people, kinder and considerate. The world does not run on promises or words, but deeds and actions. You are the change, you are the future. Be the period so we can start a new sentence.

Acta non verba


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