More beef…with a side of beef.

I am having one of those weeks. Those weeks that come when the world seems to like to piss me off and get me riled up. I am not sure of it’s the spring rain or the people in my city but I’ll lay it down straight with you guys.

With the spring coming in, everything is wet. When I was a kid, this would mean I hated it because it would keep me inside. Growing up without the modern convenience of cable television or the Internet, it was a choice of being quietly bored or do homework. Nowadays, I’m doing my YouTube thing, writing to you guys or just catching up on some reading. Looking outside, I know I still have obligations to myself; my personal self. In March I started going to the gym and so far I am seeing some results. The rain complicates the fact I need to traverse thunderstorms and puddles to reach for my work out. I decided early onto commit 3 times minimum weekly. Of course because I’m pushing myself to push energy out of my body, I need to replenish it. What I do after a workout is go to McDonalds; before you guys rail me, it’s the only place open during that time of day that serves up food. Now here’s where things just annoy me.

At the 24 hour drive-thru and restaurant at this particular location, they decided to do some maintenance that night so they shut the doors. Since they had the 80’s style McD’s layout, you can see inside. No one in sight besides some folks working in the back. Lights are on and everything seems like they’re ready to serve you besides the sign on the doors saying the dining area is closed for maintenance. Defeated, I make the trek to the next location just 20 minutes walking distance. As I talk passed the drive-thru window, I see a driver receiving food! Now if the the dining isn’t being replaced or anything and the kitchen isn’t in need of maintenance, why the hell is this place closed? It’s no big deal until I went to the next location.

At this location I already ordered up and received my food, at this point I wanted to sit my tired body down and chow down. After a short while, I hear some yelling and banging at the counter. At first I shook it off since you always hear indiscernible shouting at McD’s, then the police showed up. Apparently someone was dissatisfied on the order they received. So much so, one of the parties called the police…to complain about burgers and fries. Seriously at this point in time, it’s early morning and this guy who probably had one too many as complaining about a sandwich from McDonalds. There is so much in his logic to facepalm but the major two is he’s squabbling over a damn sandwich and he’s doing it in an McDonalds. There is a phrase, “pick your battles”. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t get it. Suffice to say, I got out there before things could potentially get worse.

Aside from that, it was Easter so Friday through Monday was annoying. I’m happy for people to take a day off, I mean just “a day”; not two or 4 and certainly not back to back. Like I’m the kind of person that needs to go outside and do stuff but if the place I need to be or want to go to is closed, I’m stuck! Seriously, let’s figure out which day we can take a day off for zombie Jesus.

Until then, remember to don’t be a douche. If you do, someone will talk about you.


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