Endurance is an incredible concept. The ability to endure and withstand much of what is undesired or other. I find the human spirit the most resilient; yet the most flawed.

In the triumph and glory, we create our victories upon others. We take actions others and we hold them back. When called upon, the human spirit would push itself to the breaking point. When it is under assault, the very spirit to push would hold ground. In its strength, is its weakness.

The push, the drive, the motivation; it is what creates the human spirit. We try so hard to do more and be above ourselves. Yet this hubris could push you thin, drive you too far and motivate you to somewhere you don’t ever want to be. Then when you think you have gone too far, it’s too late to go back. Overboard, floating on the regrets of decisions that failed. Fatigue we all know so well. When stretched beyond the limits, the human spirit could fail. We are no longer invincible.

Recently, I learned the hard way about these unquantifiable limits. If I have learned anything, I hope I remember my own limits the next time I fail to endure.


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