Spitter, People and Me

Once again in this city, I’m mildly disgusted at people in my city. Of course living in a diverse society brings in a lot of personalities and culture. Regardless of the shameless promoting of equality, positives always has negatives. This is no exception. This week, I have beef. This week, this is my rant.

Starting off with a small story about what happened the other day, I was outside in the brisk winter evening shopping. As a guy, I normally go shop to shop without asking questions of browsing for long durations. Walk in downtown is hectic as it is with people weaving in and out. Makes it worse when people can’t decide whether to walk past the left or the right of you and you two are shuffling side to side. To me it’s personally simple; this task, take the right side since oncoming traffic is usually to the left of you. Doesn’t matter which side of the street you’re on, move to the right!

This wasn’t even the worst offence. Of course downtown is the pubs and clubs, the parties and bars. I can understand when a place is occupied there are folks standing outside waiting on a table or having a smoke break. But you have to understand what a sidewalk means. “Sidewalk” as in a siding on a road for pedestrian locomotion. It’s not a damn private patio. You can loiter all you want but make some space. I’m trying to walk here and you are standing there. Just standing there like it was nothing. It’s public infrastructure and you’re impeding it. If you want to stand, step aside and make room.

Oh I’m far from done! We’re getting to the best part. So I’m walking down the street… I’m going to be as sudden as this buttwipe; I got spat on. First time in my life I’ve been spat on. This 5’8 douche didn’t have the courtesy to say sorry or turn his head as he sauntered towards me. Luckily, his saliva didn’t land anywhere near me; but you should’ve seen this guy’s aim. This guy’s aim was terrible it, he could’ve been the stormtrooper of spitting. If you know you can’t aim, like me, this is what I do. I step aside and spit into there gutter and not at someone on a crowded street. Seriously, that could’ve been assault and probably a hate crime. I would’ve been so pissed if that landed on me. First off, I wouldn’t think; I would just create a scene and likely knee him in the gonads before I start wailing on him. Seriously man, you are a tall ass man. Tilt your damn head and spit off to the side rather than towards people, you damn filthy animal.

It’s 2015, I’m starting to think being polite and well-mannered is something more of an afterthought. Maybe perhaps a bit of etiquette is a bit too much to even consider. Perhaps I should start peeing in front of crowds and obviously eat with my mouth open. While I’m at it, I won’t say excuse me when I fart or belch. What a world we live indeed, where no one has the pleasantries or consideration of others. It’s either this generation is losing out the most important lesson anyone can learn or no one bothers to care.

Either case until next time readers, I will never give up. Hopefully you won’t give up too. 


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