On Love

Falling in love – can be a difficult subject to talk about. There many who have written books and advice columns. In the end love; love is complex, love is immense, love is hard. Everyone has fallen in love; a crush, a lust, a romance. When it come to true love, it’s a different story.

I am not an expert, falling in love can almost be describe in innumerable ways. Many wrote it’s a fluttering of the heart and some say it is like time took pause for the very moment. For me falling in love was like nothing I experienced in my existence. It felt like delicate ice cream melting on the tongue yet it was much like like my heart grasped a big breath and held it. In my mind, I heard a voice call out; it told me how uncertain this future would bring. But then there was the small voice in my head that told me, “Go for it.” A small voice in a few of a thousand, telling me to take a risk. In the end, the risk was my own. No matter how I could rewind all the memories, those wisp past remind me regardless of the risks, I have gained and lost no matter what I chose. But when that first moment I felt my heart lighten and my mind clear for this commitment, all those feelings turned into a wave. Then I felt another and another; later I realized falling in love is more than the feeling you get.

I understand the connection I had with her is genuine, yet surreal. The beautiful thing about falling in love is you learn who you are as human being. More than how far you can push yourself physically or mentally; but how much you would want to do for love, be loved and what sort of love you want in your life. The irony for me is the love I want differs to a lot of people. It makes me wonder if I will ever find that love again.

Looking back on it now, falling in love is something indescribable. Not because there are no words to explain the moment when you do fall in love or the feeling; love is of many words and descriptions. If you read this to find something to describe love; there is only one – love.

Until next time if you want the answer what it is like to fall in love, go find it.


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