More Time

“I wish I had more time”, a phrase many have said and thought. As I said in my blog a couple weeks ago, you cannot go back in time nor can you get more time. Everyone lives with the same amount and it’s up to us to choose what we can do with the time we have. You can try and live healthy to for “more time” but in the end it’s just more time at the end.

Even if we measure it, time is perhaps the most precious thing in our lives next to our needs. We can reminisce about the past and hope for the future. The big question is how to spend the time we have now. People make choices based on what others expect them to be doing while some don’t have a slightest clue. Personally, I may not have the right answer but I do think I have something logical. When I think about my past, I mostly remember the good days I’ve spent, the good moments I’ve had. In my opinion, time should be spent on events that would make you feel good. When you look back on your life at the end, you have so much to remember. If there are a lot of good stories you can tell, you led a well fulfilled life. Regardless how you get these memories, this would be the best way to remember your own life; living happy.

If you need a starting point to find happiness, I would suggesting exploring yourself. Find the simplest things that can make you happy like go for a long hike, travel around your town or even just having a movie marathon. After just contemplate what you liked about the activity. We are so wired to pain and stress that we see the negatives all the time, but try and see the positives regardless.

So go ahead and fall in love, skydive and do all the crazy stuff you wanted to do. There is no better day than today.


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