One word of many I never really got into my life on a casual term. It’s one of the words that are I feel overused as a positive compliment to an individual. Whether you say it in it’s masculine or feminine, out of it’s commonality is it’s mediocre value to the word which I think should be more valued.

A hero (or heroine if you are a woman, for ease of use I’ll refer to the masculine term) in contemporary is a person admired for their courage, achievement or possess noble qualities. I find the definition insufficient for a lot of reasons; mostly the because these are descriptions of every person. Courage is among us whether we choose to acknowledge or refute in our self-esteem. In many ways we own our life through courageous acts regardless how small they seem to be to someone. To ask the pretty girl (or guy, not going to judge) to asking their hand in marriage. From fighting wars to getting over a loss of someone. We have some amount of courage based on our experiences. The more we can embrace different and new experiences, the more courageous we are because we are ready to face those same and similar events.

In our society, we tend to overstate achievements. As a gamer, I see achievements in a material and numerical state. As social status symbol, it distinguishes experiences we endure; as a material society, this gets a higher meaning with material manifestation in medals, parades and an every lasting legacy through name or likeness. Achievement in it’s basest sense successfully fulfilling something, the something being a goal most of the time. Our society values achievements which hard to obtain; most of the time, these are academic or difficult goals to obtain. As before, achievement is overused and even underused to differentiate events in your life. We might not get a medal for the first kiss, but we would remember the very first kiss than any other sequential first kisses with other people. We celebrate the achievement of completing of high school with prom, but it is more of a necessity than an achievement because it is not the end but an ends to a mean. We might not get a notification for life’s achievements, but we should acknowledge them they are what they make us individuals.

Nobility is a quality dictated by others. It defines what is good and what is bad to do and the etiquette of resolution and action. Whether to steal to save a life or holding a door for someone, this is a noble quality to conform with our morality and ethics to act in the good or reputable. In our society we consider noble qualities are acts and ethics which positively serves the group.

Back to heroism, you can see anything could label you as a hero but society materially distinguishes you if you are a hero based on a set of conditions. In my life, heroes are usually refer to who has been in war or has saved someone life. But under the contemporary sense, anyone can be a hero in their own right.

The way I would label any person a hero would be someone who has endured a great hardship to success in their goals. Especially those who question and defy conventional ethics or morals to achieve something for the good of all. To me a hero does not need to be recognized for their deed nor the adoration of others to do what is necessary. They are there to help others regardless of their enduring hardships. They put themselves out there to save others but never be saved themselves. They are the risk takers and defenders to keep us going. They are the warriors and pathfinders who march forth into the unknown to seek our answers. They remind us every moment is hard fought and worth preserving.

We are the heroes and we stand amongst our own.


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