Open Letter – Microsoft

Dear Microsoft,

As a long time user of your operating system, I’ve found it very adequate for my needs. The interface is fairly archaic but classic and the program variety is immense, it’s safe to say you are very versatile when it comes to PC computing. The only problem I have with your product is how much I have to pay to access the games and programs.

Whenever anyone buys a copy Windows, I doubt they are looking for a new experience or how it looks. Rather they buy it because of the programs classically synonymous to the platform. Originally it was the main way to get to the internet through the archaic Internet Explorer. To play Flash games, you would’ve needed Adobe Flash Player. In the current state, you are in a stalemate with Apple’s operating system for user accessibility and aesthetics in an operating system (close second is every Linux distro). To be honest besides from changing how you look, there isn’t much left you can really push for an an operation. It’s a heavy price to pay to play and use the programs I like which is why I scour the seedy parts (pardon the pun) of the Internet for a copy. The last copy I bought I had to wait really long for a price drop, even then it was pricey for the update. 

I don’t use any programs that you make any more aside from your operating system. VLC over Media Player, Paint.Net over Paint, Firefox over Explorer. Third party has got you covered, all you have to do is facilitate their use. You really have nothing going for yourself anymore. So I don’t really see the point in trying to reinvent something you have perfected You new interface on Win 8 was a dud when people demanded the old desktop layout for PC. The only thing they seems to be going great is the Microsoft hardware. You have the tablets and the XBone, they need you there; but the bulk will be the millions of laptops and desktops. They need you to be space saving but robust, Windows. For the price, we expected you to be pretty good but all you are is a disappointment.

You totally suck for a $200 operating system since all you do is waste space and catalog my personal files. My only beef is you are way too damn expensive that I rather pirate than buy you. You can stop compensating for the price with software that don’t work as well as third party and slim it down your need for secure yourself from pirates. If you made it yourself affordable, there wouldn’t be much of a need to steal it.

Just some food for thought, Microsoft. Stop gouging for an online operating system and go back to make a helpful experience. Otherwise, I might be looking for Ubuntu. I’m starting to hear good things about them.



Blogger, Windows 7 user


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