“’sup, random?” -Me

It’s that time of week again where I mumble on the most random topics and you have the time to enjoy the absurdity of my thoughts! My brain space to the cyberspace, it’s more of oddities of the weird and wonderful.

Last year, there was so much hype around facial and vocal recognition in gaming to have a system to personalize your gaming experience. It wasn’t revolutionary, but more innovative. Regardless of it’s setbacks and it’s flaws, it’s just one more reminder of how individual is unique. We have fingerprints, irises, body types; but how far are we unique? If there is a machine to use for identity purposes, what body part can we use? Would it be possible to sit down and get a unique butt print? What about punching the machine, would it leave  different fist print than someone else? Could I use my anus like a fingerprint? Would the anus be unique to everyone? I would like to see the applications for these machines if they exist.

This week, science got another big ego boost when images emerge of a new ship design. For those military folks, it’s not a boat. The future is in travelling towards the stars. A lot of articles have indicated this rendering to declare NASA’s design to the Alcubierre drive; in layman’s terms, warp drive. “Warp drive…like Star Trek?” Yup, before you rejoice I find it somewhat inaccurate to compare what is dubbed the IXS Enterprise to the fiction famed Enterprise (Not going to associate the registry number for the ship, you can pick any ship of that name in the Trek universe). Most sources claim the ship looks much like the Enterprise however to me and perhaps a lot of hardened Trek fans, this is nothing like the Enterprise. The Trek ship is just what it is, a ship. True the name Enterprise has be used as a ship name since ships sailed the seas, the only commonality ends at the name. Admittedly, forward section looks a bit rounded to look like a half saucer. The interesting part is the rings around the ship. In my head, I do believe these rings are used to displace space-time to create a warp bubble. In much it is a Star Trek-like design but it is not anything close to the Enterprise or even anything from Starfleet. The closest resemblance to any ship would be a 22nd century cruiser design from Vulcan. The logical design to keep the warp bubble simple and symmetrical. The best part of this situation even though it is conceptual would be if we can get it launched on the same day, year and location. In Star Trek, this would place the first manned flight April 5, 2063 in Bozeman, Montana. Though I doubt the drive can work in atmosphere, so likely above Bozeman would be a compromise. Wouldn’t that be an irony if we achieve the same? So far the communicator, laptop and even the tricorder has come to fruition.

Along with neat stuff, whatever happened to the idea of colonizing Mars? I remembered some project to permanently put people planet side. A one way ticket with the chance of living your life on a red rock. In a world of billions, there’s bound to be volunteers to get off this planet. Will the chosen be much like the explorers of the New World? Will it be the curious ones among us who will travel to the planet next door? Will the first colonists be families and people with backgrounds essential for survival? I got a weird feeling there we a lot of people wanting the opportunity to go just because life here kind of a dud. Adventure is beyond safety and curiosity is not without risk. If it meant living on a different world forever, the untouched frontier sounds incredibly appealing assuming food and shelter is somewhat assured. Quite appealing if you consider another world void of plants and macroscopic life. It would be fun at first, seeing the new world unfold in your Earthbound eyes. As long as you don’t let the isolation get to you, it would seem almost living in a world beyond material wealth. Perhaps for those who will go to Mars will experience what humanity has fought and lost over many generations; the truest sense, freedom.


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